Commands to use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest in the most effective way

Commands to use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest in the most effective way

Weeks go by, and Sons of the Forest continues to be among the most popular games on Steam. And that the Endnight Games title is not even available in its final version. For now you can get its early access version for 28.99 euros on the Valve platform.

Sons of the Forest is the trendy survival game. Sequel to the cult title The Forest, this game invites us to survive in a huge forest full of threats and great secrets.

Obviously the best option is to play Sons of the Forest in company. But don’t worry, since we have different NPCs controlled by the AI, who will help us if necessary.

The most iconic NPC in Sons of the Forest is Kelvin, a character who can be very useful if we give him the right orders. These are the best commands you can use with Kelvin in the survival game for PC.

Best commands to use Kelvin

Kelvin is your inseparable companion in Sons of the Forest. At all times he is controlled by the AI, although we can give him orders for our benefit thanks to a notebook. First you will have to learn the basic commands with the keys W, A, S and D.

Of course, do not expect Kelvin to free you from the threats of the game. This NPC can’t attack (unlike Virginia), and of course you’ll need to provide him with a shelter where he can sleep.

Make sure you protect Kelvin at all times. We recommend you leave it in a safe place, although to see the true ending of Sons of the Forest It is necessary that you accompany us to the final section.

In this guide we are going to go over the four most important commands you should learn. In this way, Kelvin can help you build, fish, find materials or explore the area.

Gather wood and cut down trees

The most basic use you can give to Kelvin. Using the command ”Search / Trunks”, you can send Kelvin for wood. It is also possible order him to cut down trees from the same forest. It is one of the basic resources of Sons of the Forest.

Kelvin can only carry one log at a time, but it is possible to build a log carrier to carry several. If we also use the trick of cloning it, then we will have an army of Kelvins at our disposal.

While we go on adventures or explore the forest, Kelvin will search for wood in nature and cut down trees to obtain logs. Of course, you should let it rest from time to time.

Get stones, sticks and more resources

Just as wood is vital to building, in Sons of the Forest you will need stones and sticks to build the first weapons in the game. Without weapons, you will be at the expense of dangers in this survival adventure.

Luckily, with the command ”Search / Sticks and Stones”, you can send Kelvin to fetch these resources in the wild, while you explore the forest and have your own adventures.

with the stones you can build rudimentary weapons as well as axes or hammers. And of course you can also use them as ammunition for the slingshot. Sticks are also a vital item in Sons of the Forest.

To fish

Kelvin is not only capable of cutting down trees or searching for resources. Thanks to the commands, we can order this NPC to find food In nature.

In Sons of the Forest the most common (and inexhaustible) food is fish. Thanks to the command ”Search / Fish” can send Kelvin to fish in rivers and ponds all over the map.

It is a vital command, since it provides us with enough food to survive. You won’t have to worry about looking for it yourself, something great if you play the Endnight Games title alone.

build structures

Finally, you may not know that Kelvin can finish any structure that we have already planned before. This means that once we select the desired shape and location, Kelvin can do the rest of the work.

Of course, for this you will need the materials that said structure requires. In case you have them, use the command ”Build / Planned Structures” to perform said action.

You can also order make a fire, or build a shelter. Kelvin is capable of finishing any existing build in Sons of the Forest.

These are the most useful commands you can use with Kelvin. Not only is he a great help to solo Sons of the Forest players, but he’s also a very peculiar NPC (and kind of weird, why fool us).

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