Cursed treasure from the tomb in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map

Cursed treasure from the tomb in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map

How about your magical trip in Hogwarts Legacy? You are surely having a great time touring the castle, exploring its surroundings and fighting all kinds of creatures with your wand. It is not for less, because it is the biggest game ever made about Harry Potter.

As in any good RPG, Hogwarts Legacy will soon overwhelm you with lots of side quests (there are more than 100), although some are really worth it.

In this case we are going to talk about the Cursed Treasure of the Tomb mission, one of the latest in the game, since it requires a series of special requirements. It’s not particularly difficult, mind you.

In this guide we help you Solve the Cursed Treasure of the Tomb quest mapin order to unlock two new outfits for your Hogwarts Legacy character.

Solve Map of Cursed Treasure from the Tomb

This is one of the more complex and late-breaking side quests in Hogwarts Legacy. For a start, it is mandatory to have finished the main quest of Urtkot’s Helm to access it.

But the thing does not end there. For the needs of the quest itself (and for your own good), Hogwarts Legacy requires you to you are at level 24 (at least) and the spell Alohomora (to open doors) is at level 3.

If you meet all these conditions, then you will have to go to the next location on the map, to talk to the merchant in Beinburgh.

Doing so will task you with the Cursed Treasure from the Tomb side quest, which comes with its own map. Relax, because we will help you solve it in a few minutes.

The first thing you should do is travel to the new location: tomb of treason. The description is as follows: ”A tomb in the northwest of the Highlands, next to a huge rock wall and near a small village”.

When you reach this location (you will have to get rid of a few enemies), take the mission map and go south.

Now that you are in the aforementioned tomb, you have to go straight ahead and eliminate the spiders that you see. Suddenly you will be before a butterfly door. To open it you need to collect three butterflies; the first one is in a crypt (use Levioso to get up on the ledge) and the other ones behind a spider web.

Be sure to use Lumos to lure them to the door. When it opens, you will face more enemies in said location. When finished, look at a series of tiles on the floor.

Just you must use the Flipendo spell on the tiles, which will cause them to show their undersides. Follow the indications of the symbols you see on the map.

Upon completing the puzzle, a chest will appear in this room. Open it and you will get two exclusive outfits, also ending the Cursed Treasure from the Tomb quest.

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