Dead Cells: how to get the morning star, the secret weapon of the Castlevania DLC

Dead Cells: how to get the morning star, the secret weapon of the Castlevania DLC

If roguelikes and difficult games are your thing, then surely you’ve already had a go at Dead Cells. This Motion Twin title It has been available since 2018 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.and also the mobile version arrived last year.

Dead Cells goes far beyond the original game. Motion Twin has released different DLC over the years, including one with multiple references to other titles, such as Hollow Knight.

It has recently been launched DLC Return to Castlevania, a marvel that takes us back to the Konami saga. It is available for 9.99 euros and includes missions, bosses, weapons and outfits taken from the vampire franchise.

In Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania it is possible to get one of the most iconic weapons of the Konami saga. In this guide we teach you how to get the morning star in the roguelike.

Morning Star: How to get it in Return to Castlevania

Return to Castlevania is a fan’s dream come true. Not only does it have the roguelike soul of Dead Cellsbut it seems like another game from the Konami franchise (hopefully it will return one day).

In Return to Castlevania races and bosses from the vampire saga are included, and also the skins of Alucard, Richter Belmont, Simon Belmont, Maria Renard o Trevor Belmont.

And that’s not to mention the skins of the two bosses Dracula and Death, so it has content for many hours of fun. And of course, iconic Castlevania weapons are also included.

Probably the most notable is the morning Star. Said whip was very important in Castlevania Rondo of Blood, and in this DLC it is possible to get it.

Of course, forget about unlocking it by playing. The only way to get the morning star is using the classic Konami code. In this report you can know what it is about.

Before revealing the exact code, a couple of things must be said. The first: It is mandatory to wear one of the Castlevania skins (it doesn’t matter which one), otherwise the code won’t work.

And in second place, You can only execute this code once per race (match). Of course, there is no limitation when introducing it at a specific level or stage.

Now, follow these instructions to get the morning star:

  1. Use any Castlevania skin (Alucard, Maria Renard, Simon Belmont, Richter…)
  2. At any time during the game, you must enter the Konami code.
  3. The button combination is: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Home. In the case of Switch, the combination is ”A,B”, instead of ”B,A”, and you have to do it with the joystick (you can’t use the D-Pad).
  4. The translation of this code into Dead Cells shares is: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, roll, jump.

If you execute this button combination well (remember the differences on Nintendo Switch)the morning star will appear in your inventory.

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