Dead Island 2 tips and tricks that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

Dead Island 2 tips and tricks that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

It has rained a lot since the launch of the first installment, and after a long wait we finally have Dead Island 2 on the main platforms.

Although the story is disconnected from the previous games due to the wide time jump, there are many playable evolutions and also a considerable graphic jump, and above all a lot of action.

Regardless of whether you’ve played the original or not, it’s clear that Dead Island 2 It can be challenging at first, and it’s a good idea to know a few tips before playing it.

So in this text we are going to offer you tips and tricks that you should know before you start playing Dead Island 2 in order to have the best difficulty curve.

Dead Island 2 tips and tricks that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

This is how checkpoints and difficulty work

We don’t have difficulty levels, so the way to soften the difficulty is basically to ally with other players, and above all, we rely on the control points that we find.

The importance of history

Also to soften the difficulty it is very important that we play the missions related to the story since they will unlock more powerful weapons and improvements for the characters.

Also, side quests are great for getting a lot more experience points and rare gear, so you should start with these types of story quests early on.

How balance and skills work

To balance the gameplay, it is convenient that we modify the weapons, basically, adding a series of elements that we find in the games.

On the other hand, you should know that the ability cards are unlocked as you progress through the story and level up, and you should experiment with as many as you can.

The importance of fuses

It is a very important element, because practically in any room we enter we are going to require a series of fuses to place them inside the corresponding box, thus unlocking an area full of rare equipment and materials in these rooms.

You can get them through vendors like Carlos and you should buy them whenever you see them available because they sell them on a limited basis.

The notice of the skull

When we see that some enemies have a skull icon next to their Health bar, it means that they have too much level for us and it is better to run away.

So pay attention to this interface if you don’t want to die at the least expected moment for being too brave.

Take advantage of the environment

The bad thing is that the weapons break after repeated hits towards the enemies, and you will have to take refuge in the environment to finish off the enemies. You can use, for example, electrical cables scattered throughout the areas and throw them at the enemies, or any element that is on the ground.

fast travel

Although it looks like it doesn’t have it, we do have a fast travel system. To do this you have to enter the safe houses and find the maps inside them, and by looking at them, you can select a place to fast travel to.

use headphones

It is important that you surround yourself with the headphones accessory, because thanks to them we will be able to clearly hear where the enemies are coming from, as a kind of alert system.

Beware of corpses

Do not trust yourself, because many of these corpses will surprise you when you pass by them, so it is good that you finish off absolutely everyone with a kick to avoid any inopportune fright or misfortune.

Modify weapons as soon as you can

It’s incredibly easy in this installment, so as soon as you have a blueprint, go to a workbench and transform it into an upgrade or a new weapon.

With these previous tips you already have a lot of money, at least in these first two or three hours, to Dead Island 2.