Destiny 2 Eclipse: where are the 9 Neomuna region chests

Destiny 2 Eclipse: where are the 9 Neomuna region chests

Destiny 2 players can now enjoy a new adventure. Bungie’s multiplayer shooter is already a few years old (it launched in 2018), but we still have many adventures for the Guardians in the Light-Dark confrontation yet to be seen.

Since last February 28 it is available Eclipse, the new expansion for Destiny 2 that you can buy on PS Store, Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Store.

Its campaign mode may not be up to the task, but Destiny 2: Eclipse is a good expansion that is fighting to win the hearts of fans of the saga. One of its best kept secrets are all 9 region chests.

In this Destiny 2 guide we teach you where are these 9 region chests hiddenwhich are scattered throughout the huge city of Neomuna, located on the planet Neptune.

Region chests: where they hide

The new Eclipse expansion offers us a challenge first: find and open the 9 chests of the Neomuna region, scattered throughout the city of Neptune.

As you can imagine, these They are found in high points, corners and rooms that can go unnoticed in the first game. To find them you will have to sweat ink.

The inhabitants of Neomuna will ask us to find these region chests, to prevent the Legion of Shadows from taking them. For example, the mission From fear invites us to discover three of these chests.

Don’t worry, because in this guide we show them the location of the 9 region chests in Neomunaso that solving this objective is a breeze in Destiny 2: Eclipse.

Notice: in the map screenshots we have marked the exact location of the chests (grey blades), to make it easier for you.

safe 1

The first chest is hidden in a ledge at the entrance to Explanada del Céfiro. Once you land in the Hall of Heroes and cross the Puerta de los Surcadores, head straight to this Neomuna plaza.

Climb up to the shelf next to the plants, and from there jump to the ledge in front. From there jump onto the ledge of the nearby building, allowing you to climb onto a roof. There’s the first one.

safe 2

It is also in the Zephyr Esplanade, but further on. Cross over to the next platform, and on the first floor you will see a broken glass. Go through it to the next room (there are weights and training machines). Enter through the ventilation duct.

At the end of this conduit you will come out into a locked room. On top of the table is chest 2. It is also possible to see it from the second floor, but you cannot enter it from there.

safe 3

One of the most difficult to achieve. The third chest is also in Zephyr Esplanade, but at the other end from where you got the second one. Use a transport until you see a ramp, and later the bar of a bar.

From this platform you will see three cornices. Let yourself fall to the lowest of the threeand in front you will see the chest 3 of Neomuna.

safe 4

You must go to Port Liming, which is located southeast of the Zephyr Esplanade. Upon arrival, continue straight until you see a small ramp followed by some stairs. Follow this side until you see an empty ledge. Jump up and cross to the other side.

From the small ledge, jump again until you are over a small passage. Jump down again and you will see the fourth chest.

safe 5

From the spot where the fourth chest is, go back the way you went and head straight ahead to a hangar door. Enter the facility. You will see a small yellow shelf. Climb on it, and from there to a pipe. Once again, jump from that pipe to the next one.

Finally, jump back to another pipe, in which is the fifth chest. They are easy to see with the naked eye because of their yellow color.

safe 6

Exit the hangar and head straight from the entrance to Port Liming. Continue straight until you see a giant fan.

the sixth chest is behind the two fan blades. Dodge both and you’ll see that it’s on a back ledge in this structure.

safe 7

The last three chests are in Ahimsa Park, located east of Zephyr Esplanade and north (slightly east) of Port Liming. From the entrance, go left (there are enemies) and climb on some rocks.

From those rocks you need to jump up to a side ledge (be careful not to fall off). From there you must jump to another narrow ledge, and on one of the platforms is chest 7.

safe 8

Go back the way you came and stand at the entrance to Ahimsa Park. Go straight until you see a leaning tower, from which you can already see a huge construction with the face of Calus.

When you only see one of his eyes (next to an arrow on a ramp), let yourself fall into the void. Now you will be in a mine, and in full view you will see an opening. Enter through there and continue down until you see the eighth chest hidden among the ore rocks.

safe 9

Exit the mine and instead of going to the right (from where we fell from earlier), go to the left. Continue in that direction until the platform ends… but you’ll see a rock path to the side.

Continue straight on this path until you reach another small mineral formation. In the final room is the ninth and final Neomuna region chest.

This is everything you need to know about region chests in Destiny 2: Eclipse. The new expansion for the Bungie title is available at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC since last February 28.

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