Destroy cards in Marvel Snap: better strategies and synergies

Destroy cards in Marvel Snap: better strategies and synergies

the letters of Marvel Snap they have different abilities that activate on Reveal or Continuous (throughout the entire game). Among them, there are three very different types: discard, move and destroy.

After seeing the best discard decks, in this Marvel Snap guide we are going to focus on the archetype destroyone that is not usually one of the most common due to the risk involved in playing decks focused on cards that can destroy other cards (your opponent’s or yours).

For this, we will see the best cards with destroy effect in Marvel Snap and the synergies and strategies you can create with them.

First we’ll look at the cards in Pool 1, until you reach collection level 214. Then those in Pool 2, which you unlock until you reach collection level 500. And from there, Pool 3 and rare and very rare cards from Pool 4 and 5.

Destroy cards in Marvel Snap: better strategies and synergies

Pool 1

Already among your initial cards you will find some cards with this ability to destroy. One of the easiest to use is Elektra (1-1), which destroys your opponent’s 1-cost card at this location, good to save for later in the game.

But the most interesting are the cards that we can “sacrifice” to get benefits. Nova (1-1) it’s a must for a destruction deck: when destroyed, it gives your other cards +1 power.

Wolverine (2-2) it just got a buff, and if you destroy it, it regenerates at another location with +2 power. Y Angel (1-2) It’s a very useful card if you’re lucky and don’t draw it from your deck, because every time you get a card destroyed, it will fly out of your deck to replace it, so you play it for free.

To destroy your own cards, the first cards you will have are Carnage (2-2)which gains +2 power for each card destroyed, and Deathlok (3-5), which destroys all your other cards from your location. It receives no benefit for destroying it (in exchange, it has a lot of power).

Finally, we will also receive Armor, a counter card that creates a location-wide shield to prevent cards from being destroyed. As paradoxical as it may seem, it is a good option to have it in a destroy deck if we want to use cards like Deathlok without having cards with buffs to destroy.

Pool 2

In pool 2 we will get another four cards with Destroy effects. Our favorite is Bucky Barnes (2-1), which when destroyed transforms into the Winter Soldier, with 6 power; and also Sabretooth (3-4)which each time it is destroyed returns to your hand at 0 cost.

Secondly, Shang-Chi (4-3) has a different effect, which can come in handy in cases where the opponent has a card with +9 power, since it will destroy them.

Pool 3

In Pool 3 we find some of the best cards with this example. Deadpool (1-1) It is played in a similar way to Bucky Barnes, Wolverine or Sabretooth: our objective will be destroy it as many times as we can in the game (using cards like Carnage or Venomwhich works in a very similar way and is from Pool 3), since every time Deadpool is destroyed, he returns to our deck with double the power.

And if you have Death (9-12) It is a good idea to create a deck with it along with all the cards that are going to destroy cards, it doesn’t matter if they are ours or the opponent’s, because with each card that is destroyed during the entire game, its cost drops by one point (starts with 9, but it can finish with 3 or 4 if we play well).

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