Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to get the new free rewards with Twitch Drops

Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to get the new free rewards with Twitch Drops

If you like life simulators and the Disney universe, there is a game that will captivate you from the first moment. With Disney Dreamlight Valley you will leave your social life aside to enter a world of color and adventure.

The Gameloft Title receive today (April 5) its fourth content update. Is about the pride of the valleyfree update that adds a new kingdom (the sixth) for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Simba and Nala arrive at Disney Dreamlight Valley, along with other The Lion King-themed novelties. But be careful, what can you get? a series of free rewards through the Twitch Drops program.

Don’t you know how they work? Twitch Drops? Don’t worry, in this guide we show you how to get the new free items in the fourth update of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

New The Lion King Twitch Drops

It is now available the fourth update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, themed on The Lion King, which is also free. Lots of adventures await you with Simba and Nala in the life simulator.

To round off the launch, Gameloft has announced a new Twitch Drops campaign through which you can get different free rewards for the game.

It is a very simple process. Basically, you will get up to four items just by watching x minutes of streaming from a number of Twitch channels.

From today until April 12Disney Dreamlight Valley players can get various rewards thanks to the Twitch Drops campaign.

How to claim these rewards? First of all is sign in with your Twitch and Disney Dreamlight Valley accountsand click on this link.

Then you have to complete the process (link both accounts). Remember that you must enter the account you use on the correct platform (where you want to get these rewards).

From now on, all you need to do is watch streams from these streamers:

  • AbdallahSmash
  • DaniDawnstar
  • DrGluon
  • Yes
  • Gab Smolder
  • Gnu
  • Iron_Seagull
  • Lady_Brittany
  • Lil simsie
  • MichelleTanina
  • Mizuno Sakura
  • NinFanGirl
  • round_june
  • Risshella
  • SpringSims
  • TheMavShow
  • UK Summer
  • The last
  • Vixella

It doesn’t matter if you watch multiple streams or just one. What marks the reward you get is the viewing time.

The objects that can be obtained through Twitch Drops in April 2023 They are: Mickey Gamer Headband (15 minutes), Gamer Chair (45 minutes), Gamer Laptop (90 minutes) and Gamer Hoodie (150 minutes).

Once you get the rewards of Twitch Drops, these will be added to your Twitch account. Start the game and go to the mailbox next to your house to download the items.

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