Ditto tera-raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: dates, conditions and how to beat easily

Ditto tera-raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: dates, conditions and how to beat easily

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple celebrate this weekend a new Teraincursiones event, between April 7 and 9.

The protagonist this time will be Ditto, who will be released in 5 and 6 star teraids most often in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. It can be of different teratypes.

This event is different from the 7-star Tera-raids (where they only spawn Pokemon that cannot be obtained otherwise in the game).

Ditto is a pokémon that can be caught in the wild in Paldea… but in this event you will be able to get it with maximum IVs, and that is something that will be useful for raising Pokemon, and thus have them with maximum stats .

Best counters to defeat Ditto easily

Ditto is a very special Pokemon, because, as you know, Ditto will transform into the Pokemon you are carrying, copying its movements, abilities, and stats. This means one thing: you have to work as a team.

Therefore, you must take into account that Ditto will transform into the Pokemon the host of the team is carrying.

Therefore, if you are the host, you must carry a very weak Pokemon. The host is the player who finds theraid rock on the map and invites other players.

The most obvious option for a useless Pokemon is Magikarpalthough another good option is use another Ditto– The Teraid Ditto will be trapped in a “loop” where it can only use Transform over and over again, while the rest of the raid participants nerf it.

4 and 5 Star Raid Dates Ditto

This Teraincursion event will take place only on this weekend:

  • From Friday, April 7 at 01:00, to Monday, April 10 at 00:59 (CEST time, Spanish peninsular time).

That is, it has already started during the early hours of Thursday to Friday, and it will end during the early hours of Sunday to Monday.

How to participate in the 5-star Teraids

To unlock the 5 Star Teraincursionsyou will not even have to have passed the game, it is enough to pass the three routes (Victory Lane, Legendary Path, and Stardust Way) to start dating.

It is the 6-star Teraincursions that require having passed the main game and the postgame (Great Academic Fight Tournament), and having completed at least 10 4 or 5-star Teraincursions. Those of 7 stars, the same but only in events.

Of course, to participate in these Teraincursions of events, even 4 or 5 stars, of be connected to the Internet and have downloaded the latest news from the Poképortal (Go to the Poképortal from the main menu, press L to connect, and select Mystery Gift and Receive Poképortal News.)

When you do, you’ll be able to find these Tera-Raid Events by seeing crystals that emit a glowing beam of light.

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