Everything you can unlock by beating Dead Space Remake for the first time and on Impossible difficulty

Everything you can unlock by beating Dead Space Remake for the first time and on Impossible difficulty

One of the most anticipated games of 2023 is now available. Without a doubt we are talking about Dead Space Remake, the new version of the horror classic from Visceral Games, which the guys at EA Motive have developed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Dead Space es one of the best remakes ever madewhich not only honors the original material from 2008, but further improves on what worked in its day.

Although the story is essentially the same, Dead Space Remake He manages to give us a few easter eggs and nods to the rest of the saga, and that’s not to mention the challenging New Game + mode.

If you have just started Isaac Clarke’s adventure on the USG Ishimura, in this guide we show you everything you can get by beating the gameeither on Impossible difficulty or any other difficulty level.

Everything you can get in Dead Space Remake

As you begin your grim journey on the USG Ishimura, Dead Space Remake plunges you into a tunnel of constant terror. You will not only fear the necromorphs, but every shadow and dark corridor that this space facility offers.

Unlike what happens in other games, Dead Space Remake allows you to start the journey on maximum difficulty. This is Impossible, which is several steps above Difficult.

As you go through each level, you can get collectibles, new costumes and text logs, that immerse you more and more in the lore of Dead Space. There are even some nods to the sequels of the original title and the comics of the franchise.

How do you unlock the New Game + mode? Lately there is no talk of anything else, and it is not for less. This game variant shows dialogues and situations that we don’t see in the first game.

And not only that. In Dead Space Remake’s New Game + mode, you’ll face off against a new type of necromorph, get the chance to wear an exclusive outfit, and get an alternate ending if you meet a condition.

On the other hand, beating Dead Space Remake on Impossible difficulty will cause unlocks of unpublished elements, although, of course, not before suffering a great deal in the Ishimura.

This is everything you can unlock (and how to do it) in the game:

  • Unlock New Game + – Complete Dead Space Remake on any difficulty.
  • Advanced Level 6 Suit: Available to unlock in New Game +
  • Alternative ending: Complete the ritual of the 12 Effigy fragments in New game +
  • polished suit– Complete Dead Space Remake on Impossible difficulty.
  • Hand cannon– Complete Dead Space Remake on Impossible difficulty.

In addition to these items, on Impossible difficulty and New Game + you can see bits of text and audio that aren’t available in a normal Dead Space Remake game… including the garbled text that says a lot more than you think.

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