Everything you need to know about the current Honkai: Star Rail banner and the upcoming ones

Everything you need to know about the current Honkai: Star Rail banner and the upcoming ones

It is a fact that HoYoverse is subscribed to success. The Chinese studio hit the nail on the head with Genshin Impact, and everything points to the launch of Honkai: Star Rail, its new science fiction game, following the same path.

Available in its final version for PC and mobile devices, Honkai: Star Rail It has a game plan very similar to that of Genshin Impact. This includes the banner element.

Currently Honkai: Star Rail Presents a banner composed of four main events. Thanks to the accumulated rolls or jumps, you can earn new characters and weapons for a limited time.

In this guide we reveal everything you need to know about the current banner of Honkai: Star Railas well as the next hosted by HoYoverse on PC, iOS and Android.

Current banner: all active events

As we get more jumps, these can be used to get jumps or rolls in the gacha system of Honkai: Star Rail. Of course, only for the active events in the banner.

The banner is the set of active events in Honkai: Star Rail. Right now there are four main events enabledthrough which you can get new weapons and characters in exchange for jumps.

Each banner event has its requirements, rewards and schedules. Once all of them have expired, HoYoverse will give way to the next banner, and so on.

The current banner of Honkai: Star Rail leads available since last April 26, and will leave the game from May 17.

These are the four events integrated into the current banner:

butterfly on the edge

This character banner is available since the Honkai: Star Rail beta. With this event you can obtain up to four characters: one 5-star and three 4-star.

These are the characters you can get until May 17:

  • Seele (5 stars)
  • Natasha (4 stars)
  • Hook (4 stars)
  • Peel (4 stars)

brilliant hold

It is a banner of weapons, or rather of a banner of light cones. In Honkai: Star Rail they are the weapons that the characters in the game can equip. It will be available until May 17.

These are the Cones of light (weapons) what can you get:

  • At night (5 stars)
  • Conversation in the postoperative period (4 stars)
  • Good night, sleep well (4 stars)
  • Los Topos welcome you (4 stars)

launch banner

Another character banner, which is available during the estimated time for the general banner ending May 17. you can get 4 and 5 star characters.

With rolls of 10 jumps, you can get 4-star characters and/or Cones of Light. Instead, to get 5-star characters, you will only have one roll for 50 jumps.

star banner

Similar to the previous one, although in this case it is unknown when it will stop being available. It’s a character banner, but it also includes Cones of Light.

Every 10 jumps provides 4-star characters, either solo or with Cones of Light. On the other hand, with 90 jumps guarantees a 5-star character and Cones of Light.

next banners

According to the latest leaks, from May 17 it will be available the 5-star character Jing Yuan, with the Heavenly Spear Swirl banner. It is part of phase 2 of version 1.0.

With the arrival of version 1.1 (rumored to be from May 17 to June 7), HoYoverse will kick off these two banners:

  • Phase 1 (June 7-28) – Luocha
  • Phase 2 (June 28 to July 19) – Silver Wolf

Honkai: Star Rail is available for free for PC and mobile devices. You can download it for free on the Epic Games Store, as well as the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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