Extreme training in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: what it is for and where to do it

Extreme training in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: what it is for and where to do it

We can take each of our creature stats much further in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purpleand you will only be able to achieve this when you have advanced a lot throughout history.

In fact, it is not a new feature, we have already seen it in previous licenses of Pokemonand we will also be able to do extreme training in Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purple.

Thanks to the extreme training of Scarlet Pokemon and Pokemon Purple we will be able to improve the individual values ​​of the creatures that we want, some hidden traits that determine how each of the statistics grow and that are exclusive to each Pokemon.

So we are going to tell you where to do extreme training in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, at what point in history we already have it accessible and what you need for it.

Extreme training in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: what it is for and where to do it

If you want to max out the individual stats of each of your creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, you’re going to have to do what’s called extreme training.

Once we’ve reached the middle of the narrative, we’ll find a minor character just north of the Montenevera Pokemon center, who is next to an Abomasnow.

Unfortunately, he will not increase the individual values ​​of our free creatures, but we have to pay him with bottle caps.

The problem is that bottle caps are rare and very expensive items and you can obtain them in two different ways throughout the story: one by investing money and one by investing time.

Talking about invest moneyyou can buy them at any Delibird Presents store but in exchange for 20,000 pokedollars.

That is why we recommend that you have advanced quite a bit in the narrative, so that you can sell many of the materials that you find in the raids, and thus obtain many PokeDollars.

When you have a lot of PokeDollars, go to any of these stores, and in the general goods section you will have the aforementioned bottle caps.

The other way we have is invest timeand for this you must complete a multitude of teraincursions of high stars, and they will come out as random item drops.

We will also be able to get golden bottle caps, and thanks to them we can immediately maximize all the individual values ​​of a single creature, but unfortunately to obtain it you will have to complete a multitude of events at the end of the game. You will also find them in Pueblo Marinada.

In this way, you will see the importance of pokedollars throughout history so that you can save.

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