FIFA 23 Best Goal Formation and Most Effective Custom Tactics (January 2023)

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It is difficult for us to find the right formation for each of our games at FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamand that is why we must observe which are the target formations at all times.

Depending on which iteration we are in, and the latest updates, it is likely that the best meta formation will change, something that also has to do with many players that you have in your current FIFA 23 Ultimate Team team.

We are going to recommend what we consider to be the goal training par excellence for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, which is the one that is giving us the best results.

Likewise, in reference to this formation meta for FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamwe are going to offer you a series of personalized tactics and even specific instructions to the different lines of the team.

FIFA 23 Best Goal Formation and Most Effective Custom Tactics (January 2023)

Well, let’s go back in time, and this time we consider that the goal formation of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is 4-4-2.

It is an ideal formation because it has a balance in each of the lines of the field, not leaving the defensive line neglected, with a good presence in the center of the field and with good forwards up front who will receive good balls.

Specifically, we are using this team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

For this team we are going to opt for a series of tactics as we indicate in the screenshot below, although depending on your way of playing we advise you to vary them:

Finally, we are going to grant a series of specific instructions to each of the team’s lines, be it the defensive line, the midfield line, the striker and even the goalkeeper:

Instructions for the goalkeeper

Instructions for defenders

Instructions for midfielders

Instructions for strikers

In any case, we invite you to vary as you wish, according to your way of playing and the players you have, everything that we have exposed above.

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