FIFA 23: Better camera settings to win friendly and competitive matches

FIFA 23: Better camera settings to win friendly and competitive matches

There can be a multitude of formations and tactics that you can put into play in your games through FIFA 23 to beat the opponents, be it another human player or against the machine.

However, one of the keys to the success of many professional players is the settings of the camerasomething that many people don’t even touch and leave as default.

So that you are up to the players professionals, we are going to give you a series of recommendations settings camera in FIFA 23 that you can use both for normal games against the machine, and with games against other human opponents in more professional modes.

You should also keep in mind that many of these camera settings are recommendations and that, depending on the way you play, you can also vary them at will.

FIFA 23: Better camera settings to win friendly and competitive matches

We are going to recommend several camera configurations for FIFA 23, depending on whether you want to focus it on a casual match without much demand or on more competitive matches.

Camera settings for casual games

In this case we recommend that you use the cooperative camera configuration. After that, go to the camera settings and change the height to 20 and the camera zoom to 0.

If you want something more classic or you’re not sold on the above, you can go for the Tele Broadcast setup, where we can have the camera height a little lower at 17, and you have to make sure you can see the sideline.

Camera settings for competitive matches

If they are competitive matches, you can again bet on the television broadcast that we have mentioned before but better with a camera height of 10 and a camera zoom of 0 to help you see what is happening in the areas more broadly.

You can bet on the cooperative camera option and configure it with a height of 17 and a zoom of 3, and with this you will be able to see more of the field and your own players.

So you already have the keys to be able to choose the best camera configuration for your FIFA 23 games.

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