FIFA 23 FUT Birthday: Team 1, how to get chips, Icons, rewards and more

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday: Team 1, how to get chips, Icons, rewards and more

One of the most important events of the year arrives at FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamknown as FUT Birthday to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the launch of this popular game modality.

And with this, we have the possibility of getting a series of special cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, which look great for both current and legendary players in the form of icons.

We already have available the first team of current players and also the first team of icons for FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamand the second team will arrive in the next few days.

We have a series of exchange tokens to obtain all these cards and many other rewards, and we are also going to let you know the teams of current and legendary players, so that you do not leave any in your games at FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday: Team 1, how to get chips, Icons, rewards and more

First we are going to introduce you to the first team of both the current players and the first team of the iconic players of the FIFA 23 birthday event.

Team 1 FUT Birthday Icons

Equipo 1 FUT Birthday

How to get trading tokens for the event

The way to earn rewards is the same as other years, that is, by overcoming a series of objectives, team building challenges and so on.

We will have a total of 30 trading tokens that will be available and that we can redeem for rewards.

These are the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT Birthday Tokens:

  • Magnússon you receive it when you log in.
  • Hofman from the First Acquisition Party and will be available until March 28.
  • Gibbs individual reward of one of the goals of Podolski IF and until March 29.
  • Marc Aguado from the current marquees in one of the individual squad creation challenges and available until March 30.
  • Ibrahim as an individual reward, from one of Joselu’s challenges and available until March 31.
  • Jurcec, Isac, and McGlynn appear in the Anniversary Daily Start buff objective pool by completing the Daily SBC during the event.
  • Waleed reward for the SBC FUT 15 and available until March 31.
  • Silvera as an individual reward for the first anniversary party objective by scoring four quality goals in Squad Battles or in Rivals mode on minimum amateur difficulty and available until April 7.
  • Gallacher en DCP FUT 18
  • Ewolo in DCP FUT 17
  • Priso in DCP FUT 16
  • Gunther in the birthday celebration envelope until March 31

Event rewards and prizes

We will have a total of 30 tokens to get and that we can exchange for the following rewards, all non-transferable.

  • 1 token a pack of unique gold players +81
  • 2 tokens for Hernán Crespo, World Cup icon
  • 3 tokens a First Team FUT Birthday Pack.
  • 5 tokens an envelope of 20 unique gold players +82.
  • 10 tokens an envelope of 10 unique gold players +85.
  • 15 tokens for a player to select among five options of FUT Birthday cards for the first team, Fantasy, heroes…
  • 17 Ferdinand tokens, Prime icon
  • 20 tokens, two packs of 20 unique gold players +84
  • 20 fichas a Alan Shearer, icono FUT Birthday
  • 27 tokens, a player’s choice of four Prime + 90 icon options

So this is all about the FIFA 23 FUT event that you already have available until the beginning of April and that you should take advantage of.

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