FIFA 23 FUT: Cheapest players with averages 81 to 93 to easily complete SBC (March 2023)

FIFA 23: The best players for less than 50K coins

As the months go by, both the target cards and their prices in the transfer market change, and it is convenient to be attentive to the latest information to go hunting for bargains. Ultimate Team from FIFA 23

But not all cheap players are valid, because only meta cards are worth us to get good results in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but also to complete SBC very easily.

That is why with the arrival of the month of March, we want to recommend another set of meta cards, which are useful for us to easily complete SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamand that have a fairly affordable price in the transfer market.

The good thing about these cards is that they can reach ratings up to 93, and prices that are quite affordable for what they offer.

FIFA 23 FUT: Cheapest players with averages 81 to 93 to easily complete SBC (March 2023)

We offer you this compendium of cards ranging from 23,000 coins to 210,000 coins.

They are meta cards that are worth to us FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but above all to complete SBC very easily, since they are usually quite demanded cards.

Kalulu (98.000 monedas)

Di Lorenzo (78,000 coins)

Lucas Vázquez (66,000 coins)

Shaw (58,000 coins)

Ferran Torres (61,000 coins)

Fekir (48,000 coins)

Ben Yedder (23,000 coins)

Vlahovic (37.000 monedas)

Lewandowski (210,000 coins)

Benzema (79,000 coins)

As you have seen, we have some players that you know from the Spanish league, and others from the European leagues with quite good parameters and ratings and that you should not miss at these prices.

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