FIFA 23: the most effective and cheap forward, for less than 50K and another 5 meta cards

FIFA 23: The best players for less than 50K coins

To be up to date on FIFA 23 It is advisable to know which are the best cards in the program before they go up in price in the mercado of transfers, and today we want to give you a series of recommendations.

We want to not only recommend you a very cheap and really good card that is likely to catapult its price in the next few hours on the FIFA 23 transfer market, but also five other letters that they still have a good price and that they are really good.

You have to take advantage of all the new cards that appear in events because some of them have really high parameters for Ultimate Team, and they have not increased their price too much yet, so they are a great opportunity.

By the time you read this article, prices will likely have changed substantially, so keep that in mind when purchasing these FIFA 23 cards that we consider to be meta.

FIFA 23: the most effective and cheap forward, for less than 50K and another 5 meta cards

The best letter that we are going to present to you today, and that we consider to be one of the best that you can currently get, is that of the footballer Origi.

At the time of writing this news it is at 49,100 coins, and it is a really low price for what it offers.

Not only should you look at the parameter of 86 average rating, but at 91 pace, 86 dribbling and 86 shooting, as well as having five stars in watermarks.

Other meta cards you should get

Kent (19100 coins)

Pellegrini (19500 coins)

Sorloth (20750 coins)

Lucas Vázquez (58000 coins)

Tavernier (71000 coins)

The recommendation is that you try to get as many as you can, before they continue to increase their price in the FIFA 23 transfer market and use them to Ultimate Team or even to try to get better ones.

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