Floating candles in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map “Ghost of our love”

Floating candles in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map "Ghost of our love"

We are going to have to solve a lot of puzzles in our games at Hogwarts Legacy, some more complicated and others less, but the truth is that one of the first that we are going to find, and that it is likely that you could choke, is that of the floating candles that are part of the “ghost of our love” mission.

However, according to casa in which you have registered in Hogwarts Legacyyou will find the map of the ghost of our love in a different location, although luckily it is resolved in the same way.

As we want to help you in this regard, we are going to tell you exactly where to find the map of the ghost of our love in Hogwarts Legacy and the resolution of the puzzle later that is the one of the floating sails.

We also accompany the guide with a series of maps to make everything much faster and more efficient.

Floating candles in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map “Ghost of our love”

As we said, the map of the floating candles will be delivered in four different ways depending on the house you have chosen at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, but we already tell you that everything is in the course of the main story.

getting the map

  • For Gryffindor, after speaking with Sir Patrick Delaney-Poddmore in “The Hunt for the Lost Pages”, the map lies in the crypt with the ghost.
  • For Slytherins, during the “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest, you will go to the cave below Hogwarts. Once there, you must put an offering on the support and a hidden part of the cave where the map is will open.
  • For Ravenclaw, during the “Ollivander’s Inheritance” quest, you will be sent to the Owlery at Hogwarts, where you will be asked to solve a puzzle. This will give you the map.
  • For Hufflepuff, during the “Prisoner of Love” quest, go behind the shop in Upperhogsfield and the map will be in a chest.

solving the puzzle

To solve the puzzle once you have obtained the map, you must go to the forbidden forest but at night.

If you go directly to the forbidden forest web location you should spawn looking at a wooden bridge. However, we must turn left and head to the stone bridge.

Once on the stone bridge we must use our wand with Lumos and if you have done it correctly a series of candles should appear.

Now the only thing we have to do when the candles appear is to follow them through the forbidden forest while we have Lumos and you will have solved this puzzle.

As you can see, it has not been complicated, but there may be some doubt about obtaining the initial map and about using the wand in a certain place in the forbidden forest.

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