Fortnite: how to unlock the mid-season styles

Fortnite: how to unlock the mid-season styles

A multitude of novelties have been included in this first season of chapter 4 of Fortniteand in addition to some challenges weekly that now expire over time, the different increases that we can use in the games and even the guardian shields have also been included.

Another novelty that has been added in chapter 4 of Fortnite season 1 are the styles mid-season, some skins that we are going to have to unlock for some of the main characters.

In this way, we are going to have some mid-season skins or styles for the characters Selene, Massai, Doom Slayer, Dusty and Nezumi within Fortnite season 1 of chapter 4, and that you will surely want to get.

Well, we tell you exactly how to achieve all these new mid-season styles in Fortnite season 1 chapter 4, so you don’t miss any of them.

Fortnite: how to unlock the mid-season styles

Here are all of the mid-season styles that have been confirmed and will be available in the coming weeks:

  • Sunlit Selene: January 3, 2023
  • Thrasher Massai: 10 de enero 2023
  • Embed Armor Doom Slayer: 17 de enero de 2023
  • Away Game Dusty: January 24, 2023
  • Ascension Nezumi: 31 de enero de 2023

To unlock each of them, you need to level up 10 times when each of these different styles become available.

So basically, once the style you’re interested in is available, you need to reach 10 account levels by amassing experience through daily and weekly challenges, as well as advancing through milestone quests.

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