Fortnite: the best codes for new Fortnite Creative 2.0 April 2023 maps

Fortnite: the best codes for new Fortnite Creative 2.0 April 2023 maps

A few weeks ago the long-awaited creative mode 2.0 was released for Fortniteand with it enormous possibilities that were presented to users to create maps, including many inspired by other licenses.

Although some maps have been removed for being too similar to other games due to licensing issues, the truth is that there are others that are succeeding among the user community, and we want to recommend some for you to enjoy during the next weeks.

After a first list of best maps for the creative way 2.0 for Fortnite that we offered you weeks ago, now we return, in April, to recommend you 15 new maps that you should at least try.

For this we provide you with a screenshot where you have a brief description of the map, the map number and also its creator, so you can take a closer look at all his previous creations.

Fortnite: the best codes for new Fortnite Creative 2.0 April 2023 maps

All of these maps are created using Fortnite’s Creative Mode 2.0, something you can tell not only by the new elements you haven’t seen before, but by the cinematics that play before the actual map.

Many of these maps are focused on the horror genre, others on multiplayer, and also solo, so you can find your favorite map to enjoy it.

BOMB SQUAD: SCORCHING SANDS – 8891-3732-5327v6

SCARY DOLL – 7595-1913-2803v3

MEGA ROOM – 8105-5910-3688v2

PYRAMID PLATFORMER DEMO – 0762-7326-5726v1

COURSE MOTOCROSS FUN – 9711-9645-8588v1

GOLFNITE – 1873-9339-4724v12

LOW POLY FUN RUN – 6389-5931-6338v7

MURDER: THE CLUE – 8871-1963-4365v5


CREATIVE 2.0 BUILD BATTLE FFA – 0202-9577-5117v1

BEANS PARTY! – 8530-6779-1507v2

THE NIGHTMARE AT PIZZERIA – 1502-5843-2604v6

TABLE PROP HUNT – 5594-2005-4466v28

THE BACKROOMS – 1965-9447-9912v9

FN RATS FFA – 2810-9612-6569v3

As you can see, it is a great compendium of maps that you can enjoy, created with Fortnite’s 2.0 creative mode, and that are succeeding among the gaming community.

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