Free and unlockable rewards through crystals in Mighty Doom, the game of the Mini Slayer

Free and unlockable rewards through crystals in Mighty Doom, the game of the Mini Slayer

DOOM games are characterized by their brutality and stunning graphics. However, Bethesda has turned the tables with Mighty Doom, a nice free roguelike for mobile which completely changes the style of the IP.

Mighty Doom maintains the bloody and destructive essence of the saga, but gives it a “cartoon” touch, since the Slayer is small. It is something that suits you wonderfully given its format adapted to iOS y Android.

you can download now Mighty Doom totally free in App Store and Google Play Store. Although it is a free game (free to play), unfortunately it does not get rid of micropayments.

Of course, Mighty Doom does not abuse them, and practically all the content of the micropayments can be obtained in-game. If you don’t mind checking out, We teach you what you should spend your crystals on.

Free crystals and rewards

The crystals are the mighty doom coin. In other words, they are the bonuses that we get as we progress through the game, and that we can use to buy items, skins, weapons, and much more in the store.

In the same way, it is also possible to obtain crystals with real money. To give you an idea, 1200 crystals are equivalent to 9.99 euros.

In Mighty Doom there is no resource more valuable than crystals. Generally they are obtained by completing missions, weekly challenges and even logging in daily in the game.

This means that it is not necessary to pay real money to get crystals. However, we are not going to lie to you either: you will need many hours of gameplay to get some bonuses without spending your money.

We know that micropayments are not acceptable, but at Mighty Doom there are a couple of objects that we recommend you buy. Unless you have a lot of free time, the easiest thing to do is buy a batch of crystals to be able to redeem them.

The first item we recommend is the Gold Slayer (or golden slayer). Costs 1200 crystals (that is, 9.99 euros) and gives you the best character in the entire game.

Gold Slayer tiene 800 health, 40 power, and a devastating special ability: Each execution allows you to fully reload the secondary weapon. To buy it you need 1200 crystals, and the option to buy them with real money is more feasible than getting them by playing.

In second place are the special boxes. These are lots of objects and improvements, which you can buy separately or in a pack. The most recommended is the lot of 10 special boxeswhat does it cost 2400 crystals.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend real money, these are the things you can get for free:

  • daily rewards
  • Mini Slayer Pack (only until April 20)
  • VEGA Resources
  • mission rewards
  • Crystals when leveling up
  • Watch ads to get more tries and crystals.
  • Join the Slayer’s Club (link your account).
  • Watch ads to get free boxes (resets every 10 hours).

Mighty Doom is one of the most addictive iOS and Android games in recent months. As soon as you like the id Software and Bethesda saga, we recommend that you give it a try.

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