Get a lucky egg in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Get a lucky egg in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Something that we are going to require during our games to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple it is the fact of improving each of our creatures, at least the favorites, something that will not be easy and that will require us to invest many hours.

We can find many elements in Scarlet Pokemon and Purple Pokemon, some essential to reach all the legendaries, and others that will help us get many more experience points for our team.

And when we talk about experience points on the license Pokemonsurely the relevant lucky eggs come to mind, which are also present in Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purple.

To help you get one of these items, we tell you where a lucky egg is in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple and how to use it in the wisest way possible.

Where to find a free and easy lucky egg in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Thanks to the lucky eggs of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, the proportion of experience points that a specific Pokemon obtains will be increased by 50%, and it is obviously one of the easiest ways to quickly level up our favorite creature .

Well, the easiest lucky egg you can get in the adventure is the one that Professor Jacq gives you automatically before you try to face the sixth gym leader, an exchange that occurs as part of a cutscene, and it is unmissable.

It should be noted that it does not matter the order in which you go to these gyms and overcome them, when you are ready to face the sixth gym leader, you will receive the lucky egg as a reward.

To best use it, you have to give it to your favorite creature to hold, and then win battles against different wild Pokemon or other trainers.

Experience points are shared among the team so the Pokemon holding the lucky egg doesn’t even need to be the one attacking to benefit, it just needs to be in the party while it’s being fought.

On the other hand, it doesn’t work with auto battles, so you have to start battles the old-fashioned way to get extra experience points with the lucky egg.

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