Get Eevee and all its evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Get Eevee and all its evolutions in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

There are few Pokemon as popular as Eevee. Without going any further, he was Gary’s inseparable companion both in Pokemon Yellow and in the official anime, as well as one of the most special creatures in the Kanto region. And in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple it’s back.

Back then it only had three evolutions (Flareon, Vaporeon y Jolteon)but in the second generation of Johto he received two more: Umbreon and Espeon. Both accompanied the protagonist of Pokemon Colosseum, by the way.

In Sinnoh he was introduced to Leafeon y Glaceonwhile the last evolution (Sylveon) arrived in the Kalos region. Can Eeeve be caught in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple? Of course!

Of course, keep in mind that to have Eevee and all its evolutions (eight in total) it will be necessary to capture several copies in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Where to capture Eevee and how to get its 8 evolutions

Eevee is one of the longest-lived Pokemon in the saga, as it has been present since the Kanto of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow (first generation). At that time it could only be obtained by gift.

Over the years Eevee became a more ”normal” Pokemon (and we don’t mean that by its type). In fact, in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple it is possible to capture it easily.

Where do we find Eevee? Can be captured in both Area 2 (South of Paldea) and Area 3 (West of Paldea)although it is not one of the Pokemon with the highest appearance rate.

This means that it appears less than other Pokemon. You will need some patience to be able to find one… and even more if you want to catch eight specimens.

Here’s how to get each Eevee evolution:


Eevee’s Fire-type evolution. Although it can be captured in the wild (only in Area 6), the easiest thing to do is to evolve your little Eeeve thanks to a Fire stone.

How do we get a Fire Stone? It is possible to get it when we’ve caught 80 different pokemonalthough it is also obtained as an item within a Pokéball.


It is the Electric-type evolution of Eevee. It can be captured directly in the wild, but it is easier if we give it a thunder stone to our Eevee.

To get a Thunder Stone, there are two options: explore the region, or capture 30 Pokemon to get it as a reward from the Pokédex.


Eevee’s Water-type evolution. To achieve this we must give it a Rock water to our little Eeeve, although it is also possible to capture it in the wild and you will even face a Tera version at one point in the adventure.

How do we get the Water Stone? As happened with the Fire Stone, it is obtained by catch 80 pokemon as a reward from the Pokédex.


The Dark-type evolution of Eevee. As in previous installments (and since its debut in the Johto region), there is only one way to get Umbreon legally.

Must raise friendship level of our Eevee (it is achieved by using it in combat, feeding it…), and then train him and level up when it’s night.


Eevee’s Psychic-type evolution. The same thing happens as with Umbreon: its evolution remains identical since its debut in the Johto region.

To get Espeon we must raise friendship level of our Eevee. Then it will suffice train it (up a level) during the day.


It is the Grass-type evolution of Eevee. There is only one way to achieve it: giving him a Leaf Stone to the little Eevee that we have captured.

The problem is that getting the Leaf Stone is not an easy task. You can find it in a specific place in Area 3 (West) of Paldea.


The Ice-type evolution of Eeeve. The same thing happens with Leafeon: the only way to get it is giving him an ice stone to our little one

To obtain the Ice Stone you must go to Area 1 (North) of Paldea, although it is not an easy task by any means.


Finally, we have the Fairy-type evolution of Eeeve. To get it, you don’t have to use any stone, but emulate what we did with Umbreon and Espeon: it all depends on the level of friendship… and something else.

to begin we must raise friendship level of our Eevee. Afterwards, you have to teach it a Fairy-type move, and level it up in combat.

Once you have Eevee and its eight evolutions, you will be less to complete the Paldea Pokédex in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Will you have Eevee on your team?

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