Get the most out of your Steam Deck with these 40 cheats, tweaks and plugins

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You can certainly feel overwhelmed with those first few hours of using the brand new Steam Deck so you already know some tips, tricks and recommendations becomes essential.

This portable console, which is also a computer, is a device that every video game fan wants to have, but its use is not as easy as other consoles of this caliber.

That is why it is essential to know a series of tips and recommendations, which we are going to give you in this article, specifically, offering you 40 tricks on adjustments and others for your Steam Deck.

We will be as concise as possible so that you get the most out of the Steam Deck with these 40 tricks, so that you can get the most out of it in those first hours.

Get the most out of your Steam Deck with these 40 cheats, tweaks and plugins

The 40 tips and tricks you should know from day one for your Steam Deck:

  1. Reduce input latency from the options menu.
  2. Calibrate the sticks, especially the deadzones.
  3. Calibrate the screen, taking into account the brightness and saturation above all.
  4. Adjust the clock rate from settings
  5. If you are looking for a balance, bet on 40 Hz for a more consistent performance
  6. Take advantage of the double use solution of the sticks
  7. Look at the configurations that the community has made in terms of control to bet on what works best
  8. Create your own controller customization to suit the way you play
  9. Bet on Cloud Gaming for better battery life
  10. Use the control shortcuts explained by Steam
  11. Add lock screen for better security
  12. Do not forget to adjust the external resolution for the screen
  13. Recalibrate the mouse cursor when you use it
  14. Activate the display of hidden files
  15. Use both sticks to type, it’s much faster
  16. Take advantage of mouse trackpad mode
  17. Do not rule out expanding the storage capacity of the system
  18. Do not open Steam Deck unless you know what you are doing
  19. Keep track of the battery life cycle
  20. Set adaptive brightness
  21. Confirm the storage unit that is set as default to avoid surprises
  22. Sync external controllers like Xbox to play.
  23. Can you multitask on steamos?
  24. Do not overpay for games, there are always offers
  25. Adjust that no downloads are made while you are playing so as not to slow down the action
  26. Optimize the shader cache
  27. It is convenient that you deactivate notifications
  28. Take advantage of the night mode of the console
  29. Customize the Steam Deck interface to your liking
  30. Improves the button aiming experience from the settings menu
  31. There are plenty of accessories available for the Steam Deck, check them out.
  32. It is not necessary that you put the graphic configuration to the maximum, always a little below.
  33. Update the system when an update is available.
  34. Beware of unverified games for Steam Deck
  35. You can configure each of the buttons that come by default without any fear.
  36. You can see all the shortcuts that exist for the device by pressing the Steam key + A
  37. The Steam + B combination is ideal if your games crash.
  38. Remember that the system is compatible with Bluetooth so you can use all kinds of wireless peripherals
  39. Make use of FPS limiter
  40. Take care of the battery because it is the heart of your Steam Deck and it is the first thing that can break down over the years.

So with this above you already have recommendations so that you know how to handle your new Steam Deck with ease.