Get the password to open the safe of the Shinra Mansion in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

Get the password to open the safe of the Shinra Mansion in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

A great 2023 awaits us with Final Fantasy XVI and the sequel to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which will arrive in the winter of next year. But be careful, because this year Crisis Core Reunion has also been released, a remastering of the great game we enjoyed on PSP in 2008.

Crisis Core Reunion is essentially the same game we played on PSP, but with improved mechanics and technical improvements on PC and current consoles. It tells the story of Zack Fair, before the events of the 1997 classic..

Perhaps one of the most enigmatic and challenging moments in the game is the Shinra Mansion, located in Nibelheim and that hides a safe. To open it we need to find the combination.

The problem is that the combination varies depending on the game. But don’t worry, because in this Crisis Core Reunion guide we teach you how to get the key that opens the safe.

Get the combination for the safe in the Shinra Mansion

Upon reaching Nibelheim, Zack will meet a boy by the water tower. When talking to him, he asks us to investigate the calls Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

Once we investigate three of them, we must go talk to the boy, who will tell us that the fourth Wonder is hidden in the Shinra Mansion. Indeed, it is a safe.

This safe is hidden on the first floor of the Shinra Mansion. As soon as you enter, go up the stairs, turn left and enter the first room you see on the right. You will see a safe whose combination we do not know.

It is the Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim, and we recommend you try to open it (although you will not be able to). Next to it is a note that will give you some clues. to find the right combination.

Although the game gives us some clues, we really have to use logic to get the four digits that make up the key. Next we leave you with what each number means:

  • digit 1: the number of books (overflowing knowledge)
  • digit 2: the number of monsters
  • digit 3: the number of apples and cans
  • digit 4: the number of chairs

In each game there are x number of each element, so we can’t give you the exact combination, since it is different depending on each game de Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

To find the first digit, you must go to the room located to the east of the second floor of the Shinra Mansion. Upon reaching this room, look through the lock on the door.

you must count all the books in that room that are on the floor, on top of the bookcase and on top of the chair. That is, all those that are not on the shelf as such.

To get the second digit, go to the east room on the first floor. Look through the keyhole and you will see some cute monsters. Count the exact number of monsters (we recommend you increase the brightness of the game) to get the figure.

In the case of the third digit, it is necessary to go to the room next to the room of the safe. Looking through this door (through the lock) you will see a dilapidated bedroom full of objects everywhere.

To decipher the third digit you must count all the Banora Apples there are, as well as the yellow cans. By adding both figures you will have the third digit of the combination.

Finally, the fourth number of the combination is found at the west door of the first floor of the Shinra Mansion. We must count the number of chairs in the roomalthough some of them overlap. Fortunately there is more light than in the other rooms.

Now that we have the four-digit combination, we must go back to the safe room and open it. We will run into a Cactuar, which will run away as soon as it sees us. On the basis of the box we will get a new type of Materia: Life Slash.

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