God of War Ragnarok secret ending: this is what you have to do to see it

God of War Ragnarok secret ending: this is what you have to do to see it

Although the normal ending of God of War Ragnarok It’s totally satisfying, there’s a secret scene that you may have missed when you’re done with the adventure, and it packs an emotional punch on the table.

It’s all about the scene final which is not included in the credits original, and although it could be considered a secret ending, it is more of a hidden scene that will make you understand the narrative a little better in God of War Ragnarok.

It is very easy to unlock this secret scene in God of War Ragnarok to give more emphasis to the end of the adventure, but you must obviously know how to unlock it since it is linked to a mission.

In addition, this mission that unlocks a secret final scene is absolutely essential to obtain the “funeral for a friend” trophy, so if you are looking for the platinum you have to find it.

God of War Ragnarok secret ending: this is what you have to do to see it

As soon as you finish the main story and Kratos descend the mountain with Freya and Mimir the credits will begin.

When the credits roll, a pop-up window will appear, explaining that the main story is over, but there is still much to find in the kingdom. And for example, Mimir comments on something about a funeral that is planned for Brok.

After this revelation, you must go to a mystical door and travel to the Nidavellir door in Svartalfheim. When you arrive, head up the southeast path and enter the bar. As soon as you enter, “A Viking Funeral” will be added to your quest log.

Then in the bar you have to talk to all the dwarves and then interact with Brok’s body. As soon as Kratos says a few words, they will inform you where they are going to take the body for the funeral.

We have to leave the bar and return to the mystical door through which we came and specifically travel to the door of the Aurvangar wetlands on the south side of Dvartalfheim.

Upon reaching the other side, you must take the path to the northeast and interact with the barge. This will bring you to the other side and you will see the dwarves you met at the bar preparing to put Brok’s body in a boat. When they’re done talking, you need to approach the body to put it in the pot that Lunda prepared.

When you do, the final scene of the game will begin that we are not going to tell you to see it. As soon as this scene ends, the “Funeral for a Friend” trophy will be unlocked and you will be able to view the full credits of the adventure.

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