God of War Ragnarok stone dragon: how to find and defeat this secret boss

God of War Ragnarok stone dragon: how to find and defeat this secret boss

There is a secret boss in God of War Ragnarok that many players overlook. The PS5 and PS4 title hides a dragon that many would think would not have much of an impact, but it will be a very interesting fight for you.

The stone dragon, nicknamed by God of War Ragnarok players, it is conveniently located in the Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim, but you won’t be able to fight him just like that. In this guide we tell you everything you need to know.

God of War Ragnarok stone dragon: how to find and defeat this secret boss

You will find the Stone Dragon during the first hours of the game, but it will not be until later when you can really face it and even many only think that it is a stage decoration.

For this you need two things: to have got the new weapon that introduces God of War Ragnarok and have found the Mystic Relic. Once you meet these two requirements, you can return to your location. We leave it on the map:

Once here, you simply must activate the relic in front of him and its stony shell will be destroyed giving rise to a dragon known as “The Perpetual”. The matchup is downright fun and might be an extra challenge if you’ve already done everything in the game.

One piece of advice that we give you is that when it takes flight you throw spears at it, since you can even knock him down, something that will give you a few extra seconds to hit him hard without problems. On the hunt for the dragon!

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