God of War Ragnarok: what are the best ronds for shields and where to find them all

God of War Ragnarok: what are the best ronds for shields and where to find them all

God of War Ragnarok He has weapons, but also a shield. Kratos will need to protect himself from enemy attacks in combat and he can do this with different types of shields. We recently told you how to get the best God of War Ragnarok shield for PS5 and PS4…

Well, now it’s time to see the second part of that guide. The shields can be customized with an object called rond or rönd, a central piece that provides better statistics and even unique abilities in the game… Today we will tell you what are the best ronds of God of War Ragnarok.

The truth is that there are many quite useful ones that you can unlock on your adventure through the nine kingdoms. A few are earned by completing favors or opening legendary chests, but there are two that stand out above average.

Of course, all of them can be improved, something that you should also take into account. But let’s not wrap up anymore… Here we leave you the best ronds for the shields that Kratos can use:

The best ronds for shields in God of War Ragnarok and where to find them all

Fortification Round

To unlock it you will have to reach the special area known as The Crater, in Vanaheim, which is accessed by chasing Helga the Hound. Once there you must throw a few crystals into the Wishing Well what is in this area.

The particularity of this rum is that after blocking for several seconds you can generate an explosion that will stun all enemies with your next hit. Also, if you upgrade it to the maximum you will have 63 more points of Defense.

eradication round

To get this rond you will have to overcome one of the most complicated challenges in the game, defeat the queen of the valkyries, Gna in Muspelheim. This rond allows you to get Shards of the Valkyrie.

Its main peculiarity is that if you’re blocking attacks for a while, your shield will charge up. When it is full you must press L1+L3 to fire a burst of Valkyrie shards. A very cool unique attack.

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