GTA Online: how to get the acid lab in Drug Wars

GTA Online: how to get the acid lab in Drug Wars

we have a new upgrade in GTA Onlineand it is that Drug Wars has arrived in Los Santos and with it a new business that you will surely want to take advantage of.

This update is divided into two parts, we already have the first one available, where in addition to new missions, we also have access to a completely new business opportunity.

We are talking about the acid laboratory business in GTA Online Drug Warsso you can earn many more dollars in the adventure.

However, the acid laboratory business of GTA Online is complicated to obtain, and we are going to give you all the steps.

GTA Online: how to get the acid lab in Drug Wars

The requirements in GTA Online to unlock this acid laboratory business is to have the MTL Brickade in our hands, complete a specific mission and have $750,000 available.

Mission to get the LTM Brickade 6×6

To activate it you must have completed the previous mission “Off the Rails” in the missions given to you by Dax, and then do this mission:

First we must break into the laboratory, specifically the Humane Labs. Once inside, go to the back of the building and defeat all the guards.

The next step is to steal the chemicals from the loading dock by going to the large wooden crates in the area and collecting as many chemicals as you can.

Now we will have to cause a train accident, and when you have obtained all the previous chemical products, we must return to our car. You will have to look at the map and go to the small green bag marker.

When you’ve picked it up, get back in the vehicle and run the train to the change station. Go up the stairs to this switching station and flip the switch so the tracks switch and the train crashes. Return to your vehicle.

We now have a lot of fighting against enemies around the train and even against helicopters, first eliminate the helicopters and then the guards.

When you see that you have an opportunity, go to the markers on the map and start looking for the chemicals in the boxes until Dax tells you that he wants the truck, that is, the MTL Brickade that we need.

We will have to clear the area again, and we can steal the truck in a moment by driving it following the train tracks until you come out of a long tunnel. Our next destination will be the storm drain, and to the right there should be a small ramp that you have to go up that will take you to the warehouse: the truck will be ours.

Setting up the acid lab business

Now we must go to the Freakshop and activate the configuration mission, and for this we must go to the MTL Brickade that is parked in the back and Mutt will tell you that you must first steal some equipment, so check the map and access the places that they are marked.

There are exactly three warehouses, so enter each of them, eliminate the guards, and use the different forklifts to collect the equipment that is stored in boxes.

When you have cleared all the warehouses, simply drive the truck back to the Freakshop where you will have to talk to Mutt, use the $750,000, and with that you will already have the business of the acid laboratory.

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