Hi-Fi Rush: 9 tips and tricks that will be useful to know before you start playing

Hi-Fi Rush: 9 tips and tricks that will be useful to know before you start playing

To everyone’s surprise, the title is now available for both Steam and Xbox users. Hi-Fi Rushan action game to the rhythm of music that you are going to love.

In Hi-Fi Rush we are going to control Chaian aspiring rocker who is nonetheless being wanted by a sinister tech corporation for his skills.

And it is that good old Chai is able to take advantage of the rhythm to unleash all his abilities, giving him a power that is the envy of his enemies.

So that you can start with guarantees, we offer you 9 tips and tricks that you should know before starting to play Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush: 9 tips and tricks that will be useful to know before you start playing

These are the tips and tricks you should know for your first few hours at Hi-Fi Rush:

Check the difficulty level

The good thing is that we can modify the difficulty level at any time, either at the beginning of the game or by accessing the pause menu once we have started. Specifically, we go to options, then to “game” and go to “other settings”. Of course, if you change the difficulty level, the current level will be restarted at the last checkpoint.

Don’t randomly attack, keep up

We are in a title of rhythm and a lot of action, and hitting the buttons without meaning is not going to get you anywhere. What you need to do is sync with the melodies to harness the true power of the character. And it is that getting into the rhythm not only allows us to take advantage of our protagonist, but also makes it tremendously powerful.


Timing is very important, and we recommend that you take a few seconds to feel the rhythm so you know how to proceed with your attacks. If you’re not very good at rhythm, you can always activate an interface guide from the options to view the time without depending on the audio.

train your moves

When you have passed the first few minutes of the game, a kind of training room will be unlocked in the hideout, where it will take you to a special area where you can go over all the combos, special attacks or even partner attacks.

Dodge enemy attacks

The enemies also attack with the rhythm, and also telegraph their movements, so you must be attentive to the rhythm and with this you will know how to dodge each of their attacks.

Take advantage of the reverb indicator

Thanks to the reverb indicator, we are allowed to perform impressive techniques such as special attacks and combos. This gauge resets between fights, so we advise you not to stack it, and use it as soon as you have it full.

Take advantage of all the improvements

You can end up increasing the maximum health of the character, unlock new combos and other specials. You can also use parts you find dropped to create chips that give the character benefits when equipped.

Take a look at the health indicator

Sometimes the rhythm can entertain us and lose sight of the health indicator, and with it the occasional unexpected death. Do not forget to collect recovery items to always have our life indicator full.

trusted allies

As we progress in the adventure, a lot of allies will join us, whom we can call to help us in the fights or to cross areas that seem inaccessible, so make the most of them.