Hogwarts Legacy secret brooms: how to get them and level them up

Hogwarts Legacy secret brooms: how to get them and level them up

The broom it is essential in Hogwarts Legacy to be able to fly, complete missions and continue advancing in the adventure, and in addition to the default broom you will want to get other much more fun and spectacular ones.

In fact, there are four brooms additional, which are secret, and that you can add to your game in Hogwarts Legacyand on top of that it is also possible to improve the speed of all the brooms by several levels.

It is not difficult to unlock the secret brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, but they are hidden in missions or objectives, and we tell you how to reach each one of them.

We also clarify how to upgrade the speed of the broomsticks to the maximum in Hogwarts Legacy to make them much more spectacular and fast.

Hogwarts Legacy secret brooms: how to get them and level them up

As you well know, you will be able to get your first broom for 600 gold during one of the first side quests, but surely you want many more.

silver arrow broom

You can buy it, but before you have that opportunity you must talk to the goblin Arn, in lower Hogsfield, so that he gives you a side quest.

This quest tells you to infiltrate an enemy goblin camp to retrieve a trade wagon.

Once you’ve retrieved his trade cart, you can find Arn south of Lower Hogsfield and he’ll let you use his shop. Among the items for sale you will find the silver arrow broom for 5000 gold.

Skyscythe Broom

We can buy it like the previous one for 5000 gold, but it is not necessary to complete any mission, just find the merchant named Leopold Babcocke who is near Hogwarts.

Nightdancing Broom, Swift Wake Broom, Wildfire Broom, and Bright Spark Broom

To get all four, you just have to pop the balloons that are scattered around the world, and every few sets of balloons you have popped you will unlock one of the brooms:

  • If you pop two sets of balloons, the night dancing broom will be unlocked.
  • If you pop five sets of balloons, you will unlock the swift wake broom.
  • Popping ten sets of balloons will unlock the Wildfire Broomstick.
  • Popping fifteen sets of balloons will unlock the Sparkle Sparkle Broom.

To make sure how you are doing in this mission, you must go to the menu and go down to the lowest category of challenges.

Here you will see how far you have come with the theme of balloon missions.

When you have popped enough balloons you can click on the corresponding icon to claim the new broom reward.

How to max upgrade all brooms to reach max speed

After passing the flying class, you will meet the broom seller Albie Weekes in Hogsmeade who will give you side missions that deal with participating in races with the broom.

As you complete these quests, the vendor will work on an upgrade.

The improvements will cost gold and are the following:

  • For the first update you will be asked for 1000 gold.
  • For the second update you will be asked for 4000 gold.
  • For the third and maximum upgrade you will be asked for 7500 gold.

As you level up, you will increase the maximum speed of all brooms.

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