Honkai Star Rail: Best Methods to Farm Star Jade

Honkai Star Rail: Best Methods to Farm Star Jade

Honkai Star Rail It has already been released on mobile and PC. The new game from the creators of Genshin Impact is sweeping thanks to its free turn-based RPG proposal that bears the hallmark of HoYoVerse by flag.

To continue knowing everything that Honkai Star Rail can give us, today it is time to investigate more in the Stellar Jade, the protogems of this game, which is also essential if you want to progress faster. We tell you everything about this coin.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Methods to Farm Star Jade

As we say, in Honkai Star Rail we have Stellar Jade as the virtual currency of the game that can be obtained by paying with real money. However, loosening your wallet is not the only method to get hold of this valuable resource.

With this currency you can buy the Star Rails Passes and Special Passes that will allow you to access more content, but you should know that they will also it is possible to farm Stellar Jade in other ways that do not require paying.

The best way to get this coin is beat the main missionsside quests and also completing the temporary events and daily quests that HoYoVerse makes available to players.

In addition, you can also obtain small amounts of Star Jade by opening chests, completing in-game tutorials and achievements, training your characters and sending messages or also carrying out temporary Operation Reports.

Remember that Honkai Star Rail is already available on Android and iOS mobile devices and on PC. In addition, the launch of the game has already been confirmed in PS5 y PS4. What do you think of this new adventure from the creators of Genshin Impact?

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