Honkai: Star Rail codes and how to redeem them to get free rewards

Honkai: Star Rail codes and how to redeem them to get free rewards

At this point I do not think it is necessary to highlight the benefits of Genshin Impact. HoYoverse created a true monster that continues to generate income on both PC and PlayStation and mobile devices. But now comes his new game, Honkai: Star Rail.

After several months in beta phase, Honkai: Star Rail arrives today on PC and mobile devices, while a version for PlayStation is in development.

You may already be rocking the HoYoverse title. Just like it happened in Genshin Impact, we can get Stellar Jade and other rewards just by entering codes in the game interface or on its official website.

Since an impulse never hurts, in this guide we share The best Honkai: Star Rail codes that you can now redeemas well as some instructions to redeem the codes both in the game and in the browser.

Codes on Honkai Star Rail: how to redeem them

The main currency in Honkai: Star Rail is the star jade. We can use it to unlock new characters, although Herta, Qingque and Natasha are already available at the beginning. Let’s remember that Honkai Star Rail is committed to the futuristic theme, unlike Genshin Impact.

However, the new HoYoverse game shares many similarities with Genshin. In addition to the Stellar Jade, we can get other rewards through the use of free codes.

In this guide we will share them the best codes of April 2023 for Honkai Star Rail. But first, we will explain how to redeem these codes, both in the game interface and on the official website.

To redeem codes from the game:

  1. Sign in with your HoYoverse account
  2. Launch Honkai: Star Rail (on PC or mobile devices).
  3. Tap or click on the three little dots to the right of your character’s portrait.
  4. Select the Redeem Code option.
  5. Enter the code you want.
  6. Select the mailbox tab, located at the top right, to get the rewards.

Instead, You can also redeem Honkai: Star Rail codes from the browser. It is also a very simple process.

To redeem codes from the official website:

  1. Enter this link, either from your PC or from a mobile.
  2. Sign in with your HoYoverse account.
  3. Select the server you play on.
  4. Enter the name (username) of your character in Honkai: Star Rail.
  5. Enter the code you want to redeem.
  6. Confirm the operation, and you will receive your in-game rewards.

April 2023 Codes

Next we leave you with the best codes you can redeem right now in Honkai: Star Rail, both on PC and on iOS and Android devices.

Be careful, because some of them expire in the next few hours or days. Be sure to check before entering them into the redemption system.

  • HSRGRANDOPEN1: 100x Stellar Jade and 50,000 credits.
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2: 100x Star Jade and 5x Traveler’s Guides.
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3: 100x Stellar Jade and 4x Refined Ether.
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE: 50x Stellar Jade and 10,000 credits.
  • STAR GIFT: 50x Star Jade, 2x Traveler’s Guides, 5x Soda Bottles and 10,000 credits.

Honkai: Star Rail HoYoverse’s new sci-fi role-playing game, creators of Genshin Impact. It is currently available on PC, iOS and Android, although a PlayStation version is in development.

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