How to accept gifts on Steam Deck

How to accept gifts on Steam Deck

One of the most important newly released pieces of technology is Steam Decka kind of laptop where you will be able to enjoy your favorite titles for PCand with it a multitude of options such as giving gifts or accepting them.

Steam Deck offers a revised version of Steam Big Picture on PC in many ways, but sometimes navigating the menus isn’t entirely intuitive.

There are many people who cannot find a way to accept gifts sent by friends, and although a message may appear on the screen to confirm it, once it disappears it is difficult to know where exactly the pending gifts are.

So that you have it easier, we are not only going to tell you how to accept gifts on steam deckbut also how to give them as a surprise to your friends or family.

How to accept and give gifts on Steam Deck

How to accept gifts

Once one of your friends or family members sends you a gift, you should get a notice in the home menu, but unfortunately it disappears afterwards.

This means that if you have seen the notice but have not given it or it has been directly overlooked, then you do not know how to accept this gift. If you click on the notice you will go directly to the gifts section of the inventory.

If you missed the notice, you should do the following:

  • Go to the Steam Deck start menu
  • Click on the profile avatar that is located in the upper right corner of the menu
  • Hit the “view profile” button
  • Now select “inventory”
  • Enter “pending gifts” and accept the gift

Once accepted, the game will be added to your library and you can now download it.

How to make gifts for your friends

This is much simpler, you simply have to add a game to the shopping cart as you usually do but you must select the option to “buy the game as a gift”.

After that, you will be sent to the gift menu where you can select which person on your friends list will receive the gift.

Best of all, you can schedule the delivery so that you receive this gift on a specific date, such as your birthday.

So head over to the section presents pending from your Steam Deck, because perhaps one of your family or friends has given you a surprise and you do not know it.