How to access Steam Deck desktop mode and return to game mode

How to access Steam Deck desktop mode and return to game mode

Steam Deck It is one of those powerful machines that you can get the most out of if you know how to use both the desktop mode like the game mode, and sometimes it is not so intuitive to switch between one and the other.

Steam Deck has many built-in features and tools that you can take advantage of, but sometimes its menus can end up wasting a lot of time.

A way to take advantage Steam Deck is accessing the desktop mode of the machine, since the desktop mode functions will allow us to access many more features that you will surely appreciate.

So we are going to tell you how to access the Steam deck desktop mode and how to return to the game mode.

How to access Steam Deck desktop mode and return to game mode

How to access desktop mode

It’s incredibly easy, although the first time around you probably won’t know exactly where the option is:

  • First close and exit any game you’re currently running, even if it’s in the background.
  • Now what we must do is press the Steam button that you have on the front of the device.
  • In the menu that appears, you must go to the bottom where the “power” button is located.
  • From there you can select the desktop mode by pressing the corresponding option.
  • If you have done it right, the system will reboot and take you to the desktop mode of the Linux operating system.

How to return to game mode

  • To return to game mode is as simple as closing any application or program you are using at that moment.
  • After that, you must look for the Steam sign that is located in the upper left part of the screen or in the central area, and specifically select the “return to game mode” button.
  • This will reboot the system into game mode.

Connecting a mouse and keyboard to your Steam Deck

It is highly recommended that we use a mouse and keyboard in Steam Deck, especially when using desktop mode.

For this we can pair it with Bluetooth or using a USB-C hub.

As far as the hub is concerned, there is no greater mystery, and about Bluetooth there may be some other doubt.

  • To connect the Bluetooth you simply have to be in game mode and press the Steam button.
  • In the options that appear, you must look for “Bluetooth”, and then activate the Bluetooth slider to the right to activate it.
  • Now we must turn on both our keyboard and mouse so that the system can locate it in Bluetooth mode.
  • Do not forget that both the keyboard and the mouse have Bluetooth activated so that they can be paired.
  • In general you will have to press the Fn and C buttons while you have the Bluetooth of the keyboard and mouse turned on.

If you’ve done it right, you can now use your brand new keyboard and mouse on the desktop model of your Steam Deck, and you’ll see that everything is much easier.