How to access the secret area of ​​God of War Ragnarok in Vanaheim

How to access the secret area of ​​God of War Ragnarok in Vanaheim

God of War Ragnarok has a number of additional and side quests that you can complete during the main plot or after you have finished it. One of those missions will take you to discover an amazing area known as The crater.

This is located within Vanaheim, but since it is not reflected on the realm map to begin with, many players overlook this extra enigmatic location. So that this does not happen to you, we tell you everything you need to get to the secret zone of God of War Ragnarok.

How to access the secret area of ​​God of War Ragnarok in Vanaheim: The Crater

To access The Crater in God of War Ragnarok we recommend that you have completed the main story, although it can be accessed before finishing it. However, there has to be Cleared The Path quest called Creatures of Prophecy.

After this you will be allowed to complete a side mission known as smell of survival. This will be activated from the Freyr camp and invites us to follow the trail of a hound that sneaks through the Vanaheim undergrowth.

The marking is in full view on the map and after having advanced along a path you will jump to a scene where you will go to a new area. There you will unlock the mystical access to be able to travel to El Cráter whenever you want.

The area is huge and has all kinds of missions and a mystery to solve. We better not tell you anything, since the ideal is to discover it for yourself. Go with all your available weapons.

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