How to activate big-headed mode in Sons of the Forest

How to activate big-headed mode in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the ForestThe most popular game on Steam right now and a new benchmark for the survival genre that sold 2 million copies in its first 24 hours on sale, it has many tricks that make your experience more fun.

This survival game on a desert island, full of cannibals, can be less scary if we activate a “big-headed” mode in which all the characters, like Kelvin or Virginia, as well as the enemies, have huge heads.

You might think that this easter egg, which pays homage directly to classics like NBA Jam or Goldeneye 007, is an extra for beating the game, or a fan mod, but no: it’s a option available from the beginning of the gamealthough if you don’t look for it, you may not even know it was there.

If you want to activate Big Heads mode in Sons of the Forest, follow these steps.

How to activate big-headed mode in Sons of the Forest

Activating Big Head mode in Sons of the Forest is as simple as going to the Option menuby pressing the Esc key.

Then go to the option gameplay, and turn on the Big Head Mode option. And you already have everything ready to enjoy the chaos.

Bigheaded Sons of the Forest mode doesn’t affect gameplay, dialogue, or anything, it just makes the game, a realistic survival game, look ridiculous… and great for laughs, especially if you want to stream the game and have fun , because it is already one of the sensations of the year.

This is the way to activate the big-headed mode in Sons of the Forest. Here we also offer you all the Sons of the Forest cheats and codes with the command console.

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