How to add the objects you want to Sons of the Forest by editing the saved game: all the codes and how to do it

How to add the objects you want to Sons of the Forest by editing the saved game: all the codes and how to do it

After the success of Rust or Valheim, Sons of the Forest aspires to become the new reference in the survival genre this 2023. Although, frankly, we can say that it has already achieved it (and it is still in early access on Steam).

Millions of players are already enjoying Sons of the Forest, a survival full of dangers, secrets and a brutal essence of survival. The final version is expected to arrive in a few months.

More than two million copies of the title have already been sold, which you can buy for 28.99 euros on Steam. One of its great advantages is that we can use the command console in our favor.

And we are not talking about cloning NPCs or modifying the game server (which is also), but about add any object or material we need at Sons of the Forest. Easy and simple.

Add objects and materials to our inventory

The essence of Sons of the Forest consists of getting materials, with which to later create objects and ensure our daily survival. However, this is quite difficult solo (although NPCs like Kelvin or Virginia can help us).

If you need extra help, you should know that the Sons of the Forest command console has many utilities. And one of them is generate items and resources for the player.

Actually, the process consists of modifying the game’s save files, so that we cheat the game. Make sure you make a backup of your gamesjust in case.

Thanks to this process, we can obtain any object, material or resource automatically. Below we provide all codes (ID) that are known to date.

To add objects in Sons of the Forest, you must follow these steps:

  1. Start the game, log in, and then save your progress.
  2. Quit the game completely (make sure it’s not open in the background).
  3. Go to the following directory on your PC: (C:) > Usuarios > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > SonsOfTheForest > Saves.
  4. You will now see a username with 17 digits. This is known as our personal ID.
  5. Enter the folder in which you want to add objects, between Single Player o Multiplayer.
  6. Now take a good look at all the folders. You must open the most recent, which corresponds to the last save you made in Sons of the Forest.
  7. open the file PlayerInventorySaveData with the blog of notes or a similar program.
  8. Look for the following string: ”:[]}]}}”}}”.
  9. Copy this code into the sequence described above: ”:ItemIDHere,\”TotalCount\ “:NumberOfItemsHere,\”UniqueItems\”:[]}”.
  10. Replace the term ”ItemIDHere” with the code you want, and ”NumberOfItemsHere” with the number of units you want of said object. Be careful not to exceed the limit.
  11. Save changes to file ”PlayerInventorySaveData”.
  12. When you start your game, you will see that you have this item in your Sons of the Forest inventory.

Be very careful with this process, because if you make a mistake you could lose your saved game. That is why we recommend that you have a backup copy of said file.

Now we are going to share all codes (ID) that can be entered in the filein order to get new objects in the blink of an eye.

All object and material codes

  • Alcohol: 414
  • Aloe Vera: 451
  • Airboat: 469
  • Backpack: 402
  • Battery: 527
  • Blueprint book: 552
  • Bone Armor: 494
  • Buckshot (shotgun ammo): 364
  • Canned food: 434
  • Cash: 496
  • Chainsaw: 394
  • Clothes: 415
  • To be: 517
  • Crafted Spear: 474
  • Spooky Armor: 593
  • Cruz: 468
  • Crossbow: 365
  • Crossbow bullet: 368
  • Adhesive tape: 419
  • Emergency Package: 483
  • Energy drink: 439
  • Energy bar: 441
  • Energy mix: 461
  • Energy mix +: 462
  • Feather: 479
  • Pez: 436
  • Cane: 440
  • Lantern: 471
  • Bottle: 426
  • food tray 512
  • Frag Grenade: 381
  • Gold Armor: 572
  • GPS locator: 529
  • GPS locator: 412
  • Grab Bag: 351
  • Hook: 560
  • Guest card: 526
  • Guide book: 589
  • Health Blend: 455
  • Health Mix +: 456
  • Skin Armor: 519
  • knife: 380
  • Point: 484
  • Blade Armor: 473
  • Loot Bag: 508
  • Trunk: 78
  • Medium Rock: 506
  • Modern Arrow: 373
  • Molotov 388
  • MRE Sandwich Servings: 438
  • Videos: 421
  • 355 pistol
  • Pistol Ammo: 362
  • Pistol Silencer: 374
  • Plasma lighter 413
  • Printer arrow: 618
  • Printer resin: 390
  • Radio 590
  • Raw meat: 433
  • Rebreather 444
  • Revolver: 386
  • Roca: 393
  • Chord: 403
  • Windup Gun: 522
  • Amputated arm: 480
  • Leg severed: 481
  • 358 shotgun
  • Leather bag: 508
  • Skull: 430
  • sled 428
  • Slug (Shotgun Ammo): 363
  • Small Rock: 476
  • Palo: 392
  • Stone Arrow: 507
  • stun gun 353
  • Stun Gun Ammo: 369
  • Swimsuit: 619
  • Tactical Axe: 379
  • His: 504
  • Technical Armor: 554
  • Technical mesh: 553
  • flashlight 503
  • Turtle Shell: 506
  • Walkie Talkies: 486
  • Wrist watch 410
  • Zip line rope: 523

Without a doubt, it is a luxury to be able to obtain these objects in Sons of the Forest. Of course, try not to abuse it, and above all do not exceed the item limit What can you carry in your inventory? Be very careful with this.

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