How to always get the casino car in GTA Online (updated to 2023)

How to always get the casino car in GTA Online (updated to 2023)

One of our main visits in our games in GTA Online is usually the casinonot only because of the number of minigames that we can find, but also because of the possibility that we have of winning a lot of rewards.

and one of those rewards desired is the pertinent casino car Of which you have surely been trying many methods in GTA Online in recent years.

Well, updated to 2023, we are going to offer you two infallible methods so that you can not only get the casino car in GTA Online, but also any reward you want.

There is no risk that you can get penalized with this casino car hack for GTA Online, basically because it is used by millions of people.

How to always get the casino car in GTA Online (updated to 2023)

Method 1: hit and miss

This method is very simple, and basically what you have to do is make the corresponding spin on casino roulette and, if the result does not convince you, turn off the game directly and restart it again.

To close the game and start it again, you must always do it through the console and not through the game itself.

So follow the normal procedure on your console or computer to close the game directly and don’t use the in-game exit prompt, as this will save your progress and you won’t be able to roll again.

So if you are not satisfied with the result, close the game, reopen it and repeat the process until you get the vehicle or any other reward that interests you.

Method 2: starting the roll from this position

If you want the car to come directly from the podium without leaving it to chance, you need the wheel of luck to be initially resting on a specific area.

To do this, you need the wheel of fortune wedge to be on the clothing icon, but the one located two sections to the right of the vehicle.

The most difficult thing is to get the wheel to appear in this position, so first you can be playing an online session solo or by invitation only, or you will have to hope that no one else has spun the wheel in the casino.

If you are not going to have to look for a new session only or only by invitation, until the wedge is resting in exactly that position.

When you find him in this position, you must interact with it, but you must wait four seconds after the turn indicator appears before flicking the left stick.

If you do it correctly, the wheel will spin and land on the vehicle.

In this way, you can use the first method if you want to leave it to chance, or try the second procedure in which you must wait for the wedge to be located on a particular prize before exercising the roll.

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