How to battle and unlock Mewtwo in Nintendo Switch Online’s Pokemon Stadium + Expansion Pack

How to battle and unlock Mewtwo in Nintendo Switch Online's Pokémon Stadium + Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch has welcomed Pokemon Stadium. The legendary Nintendo 64 game can now be enjoyed on the platform’s virtual console thanks to a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

If you want to complete 100% Pokemon Stadium again, here we tell you if it is possible to fight Mewtwo within the title and if it can truly be unlocked in this particular version within this classic of the saga.

Can Mewtwo be unlocked in Nintendo Switch Online’s Pokemon Stadium + Expansion Pack?

Let’s be clear Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack does not allow unlocking Mewtwo since the only way to do it on the original Nintendo 64 version was to transfer a Mewtwo from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Since the functionality is not available on the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, this cannot be done. Although, what is available is to access the fight against Mewtwowhere we will have to face this powerful pokemon.

How can you fight Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium? Well, every player who wants it must beat all 10 trophies in Stadium mode of the game and after Complete Gim’s Castle mode. Leader.

After beating this mode you will have the option to play an extra tournament in which you will compete against Mewtwo. You will be able to equip yourself with up to six Pokemon to face the famous legend of the saga in a two-round battle.

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And beware, because the mysterious new Pokemon from the anime has already been confirmed for the Scarlet and Purple DLCs. Have you returned to Pokemon Stadium? How has the return to one of the most famous games in the franchise been?