How to be evil in Hogwarts Legacy and what consequences it has

How to be evil in Hogwarts Legacy and what consequences it has

In a few hours, Hogwarts Legacy It will land in stores around the world, although for a few days it has already been possible to play it in early access if you reserved the Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition. Remember that tomorrow the standard edition will debut on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

In its first hours, Hogwarts Legacy has unleashed a media earthquake on Twitch, Steam and social networks. It is already the single player game with the highest number of views at launch, surpassing Cyberpunk 2077.

Similarly, it ranks fifth among the most popular games on Steam, despite the fact that it is not officially for sale. Hogwarts Legacy is on its way to making history, there is no doubt.

At Hogwarts Legacy you can live your own adventure in the Harry Potter universe, but… Is it possible to be evil in the game? We answer the eternal question in this guide.

Being evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

As a good adventure game with RPG touches, Hogwarts Legacy is not a strictly linear game. Beyond the main plot, players can stray to complete secondary missions, challenges or explore the surroundings of Hogwarts and the castle itself.

In the same way, at the beginning of the game we can choose one of the four Hogwarts houses. You can be the wizard or witch you want, but within limits.

That is at Hogwarts Legacy we can NOT be evilor at least not as much as the illustrious Lord Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movie saga.

And Hogwarts Legacy there is no system of morality, better known as karma (as if it happens in other role-playing games). This implies that our character will not be evil under any circumstances, and in the end he will be the hero of the story.

However, we can be “bad” or “anti-heroes” if we use a little imagination. Despite the absence of morality, in Hogwarts Legacy there are outfits and spells typical of a dark wizard or witch.

First of all: Being a Slytherin doesn’t make you a villain.. Yes, it’s true that Voldemort or Lucius Malfoy were, but look at Harry’s son or even Severus Snape.

To become a villain we recommend use the three unforgivable curses. These are three spells that are prohibited due to their brutality and for directly affecting human ethics.

Specifically, it is about the spells Crucio (o Cruciatus), Imperius y Avada Kedavra. We won’t be able to use them against other students or school characters, but we can use them against the enemies of Hogwarts Legacy.

With Cruciatus you will be able to torture your victim, while Imperius allows you to take control of their body movements. Finally, Adava Kedavra will kill her instantly.

Similarly, another habit of dark wizards is go to the dueling field of Dark Arts, where you will face another wizard / witch. It’s a good way to gauge your combat ability and wand skills.

Finally, we have the dark outfits. In Hogwarts Legacy there are a series of accessories typical of black magic, such as the death eater mask, black robes and other kinds of accessories.

Your evil may not be very clear at the plot level (although you will make decisions that will change the plot), but your appearance will show that you are a villain in Hogwarts Legacy. And, to top it off (if you wish), the fact of belonging to Slytherin could give you a ”little” plus.

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