How to Beat Lu Bu: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Hardest Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Beat Lu Bu: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Hardest Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty It’s here and with the new new soulslike action challenge that is leaving a good taste in the mouth due to its level of demand in certain combats. The game is easy for us, so it never hurts to have things clear.

Therefore, after having given you some useful advice to defeat Zhang Liang, the first boss of the game, now it’s your turn to know some tips for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty that will help you defeat one of the most difficult bosses: Lu Bu. These are the keys to overcome him in battle:

How to Beat Lu Bu: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Hardest Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

One of the great challenges of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is the fight against Lu Bu, the greatest warrior before the Three Kingdoms. As such, this bellicose boss is going to make it difficult for us, so you will have to go with the things learned if you do not want to die a few times.

The reason why Lu Bu causes so many headaches is because while he rides a horse you will not be able to harm him. You will need to fill up his spirit meter for him to dismount so you can start dealing damage to him.

The problem is that when he’s on horseback he’s a very fast enemy and he won’t stop harassing you. Focus on parrying his strongest attacks and deflects the arrows it fires at you with almost no warning.

When he dismounts, dedicate yourself to measuring his movements and as much as you can, use spirit attacks, martial arts and spells to reduce his spirit bar and be able to execute a Fatal Blow. Although be very careful with his fire elemental attacks…

In combat you must stay at medium distance, so that he does not mount a horse again. Another bonus tip: you should fight outside the center circle of the combat arena, because if you are close Lu Bu’s horse can run over you and put you in serious troubleas it is always circling when its rider is not riding it.

We wish you luck in your fight against this boss and if you pass it, be sure to take a look at our guide in which we tell you how to make all the bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty easier.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is so much more than “Team Ninja’s Sekiro”: parrying is a core mechanic, yes, but so is its clever skill system and the way it invites us to explore. If we combine these ideas with the impeccable gameplay of the studio, the result is a great action game and a great first step for a new IP.