How to capture a Charizard in the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Teraincursions event: dates, conditions and best counter

How to capture a Charizard in the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Teraincursions event: dates, conditions and best counter

The second Black Crystal Teraid event of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. It has already started, and it takes place over two weekends in December. Between December 2 and 4 you will have the opportunity to participate in these raids, and there will be another option between December 16 and 18.

Just like it happened before with Eevee, these Teraids will allow you to catch some special Pokemon, which will not appear normally in the game.

This time, you will be able to capture Charizard with Emblem of Unbeatable, Dragon teratype, which does not usually appear in the game. Of course, you will have to have a very strong team, and unless someone invites you, you will have to have passed the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple postgame.

When does Charizard’s Teraincursion event start?

Before we tell you about the best tricks to get Charizard, we must review the most important thing: When does the Black Crystal Teraincursion event take place?

  • From Friday, December 2 at 01:00, to Monday, December 5 at 00:59 (CEST time, Spanish peninsular time)
  • From Friday, December 16 at 01:00, to Monday, December 19 at 00:59 (CEST time, Spanish peninsular time)

Conditions to participate

The event consists of teraincursions of black crystals, like this one, that will come out all over Paldea. You will recognize them easily because these black teracrystals they are special, because they only appear in events.

Within the teracrystals you can find the following Pokemon, with which to join forces with 3 other trainers (it can also be played with the AI) to weaken and capture.

  • Charizard with the Unbeatable emblem (7-star raid)*
  • Florges (4 or 5 star raid)
  • Mimikyu (4 or 5 star raid)

*One of these Charizards can only be captured once per game.

But for them to come out, you must meet some conditions:

You must be connected to the Internet: The game will not connect itself unless you enter the Poképortal and connect by pressing L. Automatically, the latest news from the Poképortal will appear, and you can already find the black teracrystals.

You must have passed the game and part of the postgame: Specifically, you must have watched the credits of the game and then completed the academy tournamentwhich requires winning a rematch with all eight gym leaders and then winning a four-fight tournament in a row at the Plateau City Academy.

OJO: This does not mean that you cannot participate if you have not passed the postgame. If a friend invites you to their teraincursions online, you can participate. Another thing is that, with the Pokemon from before you beat the game, you can scratch Charizard…

You need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online to play teraids online: You won’t need it to receive the black teracrystals in your game, but if you don’t have the paid online, you will play with AI controlled trainers.

Haven’t you had time? From Nintendo they warn that it is possible that this Charizard will appear again in future events or that it can be obtained through other methods.

Best Pokemon to Beat Charizard

This Charizard will be a dragon teratype, which means it has three weaknesses: Pokemon type Ice, Dragon and above all Fairy.

Because of this, you’ll want to look for Pokemon of those types that hold up well to the Fire- and Flying-type attacks that Charizard will throw, such as Flare, Gale, Terablast, or Overheat.

  • Dachsbun: Fidough’s evolution has the Baked Body ability, to be immune to fire attacks and make its special defense go up.
  • Sylveon: Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution can be effective with Fake Cry (to lower Special Defense) and deal a lot of damage with Loud Voice.
  • Grimmsnarl: A Fairy and Dark type that can use Drain Kiss, which removes HP from the opponent and adds it, something that will help you last longer.

Lastly, don’t forget to animate! This trainer move takes up a whole turn, but it can help the whole team.

Choose from three chants that will heal the HP of all Pokemon on your side, raise Attack and Special Attack, or strengthen Defense and Special Defense.

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