How to capture a Delibird in the Teraincursiones event of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: dates, conditions and best counter

How to capture a Delibird in the Teraincursiones event of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: dates, conditions and best counter

The next Teraid event in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch takes place this weekend, from December 23 to 25, during the entire three days. Unlike other Tera-raid events, this one will be more accessible, and does not require beating the game.

The protagonist is the festive bird Delibird, which will appear in raids from one to five stars. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to participate in these raids that will still be special. Of course, only the five-star ones have the best unique rewards…

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide we explain how to capture a Delibird in the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Teraincursion event, the conditions and its best counters.

Delibird Teraincursion event date and time

As we already explained, the Delibird Teraincursion event will take place between Friday, December 23, at 1:00 AM CET (Spanish peninsular time) and Sunday, December 25. In fact, it will end on Monday, December 26, at 00:59 CET.

That way, you’ll have all weekend to find it, even if Santa brought it to you, you can still find it in the least star raids!

How to participate in Delibird Teraincursions

To participate in this Delibird or any Teraid event, you must first make sure that the console is connected to the internet. Console and game: open the Backpack menu, Poképortal, and there make sure to manually connect to the Internet.

From then on, the special Teracrystals will appear on the map. You can get 10 Teracrystals a day, and they are seen because they are much brighter than normal ones.

It is not necessary to have passed the game: all players can get the Teraincursions of 1 or 2 stars. But for the 5 Star Teraincursions you have to have gone through the entire main story of the game and seen the credits.

How to defeat Delibird

These Delibirds will have the particularity that they come from different teratypes. For the rest, they are the same, although you can get teralitos (necessary to change its teratype), so it is your opportunity to farm this material.

Here we explain where you can change the teratype to a Pokemon.

Since Delibird is an Ice and Flying-type Pokemon, you need to plan your team well. Avoid Bug, Grass, and Ground-type Pokemon.

Instead, look for Pokemon of type Fire, Electric, Steel and especially Rock.

If you chose Chochodile, its third evolution, Skeledirge, is a good option to face Delibird. In any case, Delibird is not a very tough Pokemon, and if you have already beaten the game, you will have Rock, Fire, Electric, or Steel-type Pokemon strong enough to defeat him even in 5 star raids.

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