How to capture Bonsly and evolve Sudowoodo in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to capture Bonsly and evolve Sudowoodo in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Although the Paldea region is full of very unique new Pokemon, some of the most popular classic Pokemon among Pokemon players have also arrived in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

The Nintendo Switch games, the ninth generation, mix the new Paldean creatures such as Smoliv or Fidough, already much loved by fans, with other “lifelong” Pokemon, such as Bonsley and Sudowoodoof the second generation.

These Pokemon are deceiving, despite their arboreal appearance, they are both rock type. Both can be captured in the wild, although here we also explain how to evolve bonsly.

How to capture Bonsly and evolve Sudowoodo in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

These two Pokemon can be caught in the wild, easy to catch in the forests.

Bonsly can spawn in Area 4 (South), north of Altaifor Town, and in Area 2 (South)

sudowoodo may appear northwest: Area 3 (West) and north of Lake Cazola.

How to evolve Bonsly into Sudowoodo

Bonsly will evolve into Sudowoodo by learning Mimetic Attack. This move can be learned automatically when you reach level 16.

But what happens if we gave it to not learn attack? Do not worry. You can remember all the movements that you have not wanted to learn or have forgotten.

  • Open the menu with X
  • Select Bonsly and press Data
  • Press Right to open the movements menu
  • Press A to open a submenu, Remember Movements
  • There you can find Mimético and learn it

At the next level you go up, you will be able to evolve into Sudowoodo.

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