How to capture Scyther and evolve it to Scizor and Kleavor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to capture Scyther and evolve it to Scizor and Kleavor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Paldea’s Pokédex Pokemon Scarlet and Purple includes new very particular Pokemon, which have conquered the players, but also some of the most popular Pokemon from previous installments return.

It’s getting harder and harder for new Pokemon RPG games to feature all the species fans remember from the previous games, but Scyther is one of those who have returned from the first generation, as well as its evolution from the second generation, Scizor.

Here we remind you how you can evolve Scyther into Scizor, as it has a specific evolution method. Can we get its other evolution, Kleavor, in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

How to capture Scyther and evolve it to Scizor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Scyther is a Pokemon that you can frequently find in the wild. You can find it in the first region of the game, Area 4 (South) and Area 6 (South), Area 2 (North) or throughout the vicinity of the Lake Cazola. You will find it near bodies of water.

Once you have your Scyther, you don’t need to level it up. Instead, his method requires a trade, so you’ll have to rely on someone else.

  • Equip Scyther with the Metal Coating item (if you didn’t find it on the ground, you can buy it at the Delibazar in Leudal City).
  • Trade Scyther with another player
  • If it has Metal Coating equipped, when it hits the other player it will automatically evolve into Scizor
  • Ask the other player to trade it back to you. In this way, you will both have unlocked it in the Pokédex

Can you get Kleavor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple?

Pokemon Legends Arceus introduced a new evolution of Scyther, Kleavor. However, there is currently no way to evolve Scyther into Kleavor in Scarlet and Purple.

And in the future? It is hoped that when Pokemon Home supports Scarlet and Purple, we will be able to transfer Kleavor to the new game if you already had it on Arceus.

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