How to claim the free Mini Slayer pack and Crimson Slayer skin in Mighty Doom

How to claim the free Mini Slayer pack and Crimson Slayer skin in Mighty Doom

The DOOM saga is one of the most famous within the FPS genre. But a change never hurts, so id Software and Bethesda have given the franchise a radical twist with the frenetic Mighty Doom, an FP2 roguelike that generates addiction from the first second.

After several months in beta phase, finally Mighty Doom is now available in its final version. Of course, it is still possible to claim some free rewards, so hurry.

We are talking not only about various skins for the Slayer, but about crystals, weapons and upgrades for our team. This will make it easier to advance through the hordes of demons that inhabit the underworld.

If you are starting in Mighty Doom, and you need an extra boost without spending money, we teach you how to claim free Mini Slayer pack and Crimson Slayer skin for mobile title.

Get the Mini Slayer pack for free and a skin for the Slayer

Although the final version of Mighty Doom is now available, you can still claim some free rewards that Bethesda offered during the beta phase.

Your first games in this roguelike may be uphill, so these crystals, weapons, boosts and skins for the Slayer will not hurt you.

First we have the Mini Slayer’s Pack, a content pack that beta users were able to download for free. But don’t worry, because it’s still available.

Of course, you can only claim the Mini Slayer pack until April 20, 2023. Be sure to download Mighty Doom before said date, and follow the steps that we describe below.

To claim the Mini Slayer pack, first you must reach level 3 to unlock the shop of the game. Go to the Store tab, and then select the Special Offers tab.

You will be able to download this content pack until April 20. The Mini Slayer pack includes 80 crystals, 1 special weapon, 3 gear items, the Cacodemon skin for the Rocket Launcher, and the Baron of Hell skin for the Heavy Cannon.

Another of the free rewards that we can get is la skin Crimson for the slayer. In this case, there is no deadline, although you need to meet a requirement.

To get the Crimson Slayer skin, you must link your Bethesda account (here link) to Slayer’s Club (link to create account) within the Mighty Doom interface.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the Mighty Doom settings menu
  2. Select the tab Slayer’s Club
  3. Access with your username and password.
  4. To equip the skin, open the Inventory tab. Tap on the Slayer and press the button Info in the lower right corner. The Crimson skin and other skins that you can unlock will be shown.

Mighty Doom is the most recent installment of the FPS saga, which you can enjoy for free on both iOS and Android devices. It has micropayments, but they are not necessary to advance in this roguelike.

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