How to clone Kelvin, Virginia and other NPCs in Sons of the Forest

How to clone Kelvin, Virginia and other NPCs in Sons of the Forest

If there is a game that is making people talk these days (with permission from Hogwarts Legacy), it is Sons of the Forest. This sequel to the cult game The Forest is now available in early access on Steam, and everything indicates that it will be a new success this 2023.

Despite being in early access, Sons of the Forest is already one of the most watched games on Twitch, with more than two million copies sold on Steam.

Sons of the Forest is called to be the new Rust, Valheim or Ark this year. The early access phase is estimated to conclude by the end of the yearwhich is when the final version of the game from Endnight Games will be released.

Now that you know how to use the Sons of the Forest command console, we will teach you how to clone the npc of the game like Kelvin (a real star on the Internet) or Virginia.

Clone the NPCs to help us

Sons of the Forest is an ambitious survival game that, despite taking its first steps, is already destined to be the new hit of the genre on PC.

The essence of Sons of the Forest lies in the cooperation between players. If you have a group of friends, you are sure to have a great time in this deep survival game.

But that doesn’t mean playing alone is boring. Not much less. Endnight Games has included some NPCs (controlled by AI), who help the lone player to survive in his dangerous world.

Although Kelvin is the star NPC (which is already spawning countless memes), there’s also Virginia, and as Early Access progresses we’ll be seeing other characters.

The Sons of the Forest command console allows us to modify some aspects of the game or the server (here are the best codes and tricks), but it also incorporates another function.

Thanks to a mod developed by CallMeSlinky (and after installing the Unity Framework mod), it is possible to enable another function in the command console, which is undoubtedly a great help for solo players.

Basically, just by entering a series of commands in the console (after installing both mods), you can clone the NPCs of Sons of the Forest in a few minutes.

What does this allow you? Very easy: all the Kelvin or Virginia you create help you buildcollect materials or even face the enemies of the game.

Just don’t go crazy. It is recommended to create only a few (4 is a good number), as generating too many clones will compromise game performance. This can lead to fps drops or even crashes.

To create Kelvin clones, just enter the command ”addcharacter Robby 1” in the Sons of the Forest command console.

For Virginia, enter the following command ”addcharacter virginia 1”. For now it’s one of the most useful features in the game, but Endnight Games will polish these aspects over time (the AI ​​is still a bit green).

Sons of the Forest is available in early access on Steam, at a recommended retail price of 28.99 euros, as a PC exclusive. For now we do not know if it will be released on PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

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