How to discard in Marvel Snap and best cards to use this strategy

How to discard in Marvel Snap and best cards to use this strategy

Marvel Snap It’s a game that’s easy to get hooked on, and it’s easy to win in your first games, but the different abilities of the character cards allow you to develop almost infinite strategies…especially if you use them in combos.

Some cards, for example, have attack abilities. discard. If you place that card on the board, it will force you to discard one or more cards from your hand. But how is that a good thing?

Due to synergies between cardssome effects that on their own would be neutral, or even bad, can be beneficial if combined with other cards you’ve already played or plan to play later.

In this Marvel Snap guide we are going to explain the discard ability, the cards that can cause discards, and the cards that benefit from this effect.

Which cards have a discard effect

In Marvel Snap there are some cards that cause us to have to discard cards when revealed. On cards like Blade or Sword Master, this discard is intended as a small extra cost so that the cards have more value than usual.

Blade, for example, is a 1 energy card that has 3 power, an unusually large power that is offset by forcing you to discard a random card from your deck upon reveal. The same happens with Sword Masterwhich costs 3 energy and has 6 power.

Other cards discard specific cards when revealed. Lady Siffor example, causes you to discard the highest cost card in your deck.

But these effects can be used to our advantage. For example, using Sif makes us discard a powerful card for turn 6, but after that we can summon it back with Ghost Riderwhich when revealed places a previously discarded card at that location.

And while we can’t know which cards are going to be discarded, we can build decks around plays and, depending a bit on luck, but also when to play the cards, we can get some nice synergies.

For example, if we have used Blade, Moon Knight or Sword Master to discard Swarm2 cost, 3 power, it will return to our deck with two copies of 3 power, 0 cost. Or, if you discard a lot of cards, you will make Morbius gain +2 energy for each card discarded throughout the game (continuous effect).

It is convenient to know the cards that have a discard effect when revealed:

  • Blade (cost 1/power 3): Discard a random card from your hand
  • Colleen Win (2/4): Discard the lowest cost card from your hand
  • Sword Master (3/6): Discard a random card from your hand
  • Moon Knight (3/3): Discard a card from each player’s hand
  • Lady Sif (3/4): Discard the highest cost card from your hand
  • Gambit (3/1): Discard a card from your hand and destroy a random enemy card
  • Black Cat (3/6): If in your hand at end of turn, discard
  • Hell Cow (4/6): Discard two random cards from your hand
  • Dracula (4/0): At the end of the game, discard a card from your hand, and Dracula gains its power
  • Black Bolt (5/8): The opponent discards the lowest cost card from their hand
  • MODOK: (5/8): Discard the entire hand

These cards will cause us to have to discard some random or more or less specific cards from our hand.

We can NOT choose which card to discardbut if you use those previous cards with any of these other cards, which benefit from discards, you can get very interesting synergies.

  • Silver Samurai (1 cost/2 power): If it is discarded from your hand, you draw another card in its place.
  • Wolverine (2/3): When discarded or destroyed, play it again at another random location
  • Swarm (2/3): When you discard it, add two 0-cost copies to your hand
  • Morbius (2/0): Has no power, but gains +2 power each time you’ve discarded a card in the game (for the entire game).
  • X-23 (3/3): If you discard it, it returns to your hand at 0 cost.
  • Ghost Rider (4/3): Bring back one of your discarded cards to that location
  • Helicarrier (6/10): If you discard it (you can force it discard with Lady Sif), add three random cards to your hand.
  • Hela (6/6): Automatically play all discarded cards in the game to random locations
  • Apocalypse (6/8): If you discard it (you can force it to discard with Sif) it returns to your hand with +4 power

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android and how to get the Christmas rewards, don’t let them slip away!

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