How to duplicate objects and wood in Sons of the Forest

How to duplicate objects and wood in Sons of the Forest

After a long time waiting, Sons of the Forest has already been released in Steam. He game it has sold millions in a few hours and is generating very good impressions. The sequel to the acclaimed The Forest is bigger and has a lot of options.

However, what does not change is its premise. Sons of the Forest It continues to bring together action, survival, resource management, and terror in an explosive mix that leaves no one indifferent. Therefore, it is time to remember some key points in this type of game.

Tricks are always handy to benefit certain systems. And when it comes to crafting and creating all kinds of objects in Sons of the Forest, it will come in handy know how to duplicate objects or wood. In this guide we show you how to do it:

How to duplicate wood in Sons of the Forest

A recent exploit in the game allows duplicate wooden logs in Sons of the Forest. To do it right you have to follow a series of very specific steps. Only then can you generate the duplicator bug.

Although it is true that there are several methods to cause the failure, the most common and simple is place a log on the ground vertically and on it a log horizontally. The third trunk should go to the other side of the second, also vertically.

This way you will form a goal. Now take another log and place the white circle marking the placement next to the left vertical log. Calculate well and place it just when that circle disappears. The trunk will be planted and you will keep that same log in your hands. Repeat the process.

Steps to duplicate objects in Sons of the Forest

  1. Hit the map with the item you want to duplicate
  2. Get as much of this resource or object as possible
  3. Save the game using the bed
  4. Exit to the main menu
  5. Load the game again and the materials in that area should already have regenerated

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