How to earn a lot of gold in Hogwarts Legacy easily: this is the best method to farm money

How to earn a lot of gold in Hogwarts Legacy easily: this is the best method to farm money

Hogwarts Legacy It’s the game Harry Potter fans have been dreaming of for years, and it’s out now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch coming later (here are the dates).

What makes Hogwarts Legacy so special? At its core it’s a AAA open world action RPG, but with an incredibly detailed recreation of Hogwarts and full of easter eggs from the books and movies.

In addition, it is full of things to do, side quests, collectibles, and many clothes and items to buy in the shops of Hogsmeade.

Are you short of gold reserves? Don’t ask Gringotts for a loan, this is the best method to farm fast money in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best method to farm money in Hogwarts Legacy

Money is not exactly abundant at Hogwarts Legacy. You get it as quest rewards, but when you finish quests, there aren’t many stable ways to get money on a consistent basis.

However, there are many ways to spend it: tables to make more and better potions, to grow more and better plants, all kinds of furniture for the Room of Requirement and the nursery, a good handful of brooms…

if you care spend your Hogwarts Legacy moneydo not worry: this trick is very good to farm a lot of gold quickly, and it’s not a glitch You don’t have to do anything weird to the game. You can see it in the following video.

Capture all Mooncalfs without stopping and sell them (Story difficulty)

The method consists of visiting an area of ​​the forest, northwest of the castle, where there is a Moncalfs lair. Capture them, change the time, capture them, change the time… and sell them!

The first and most important thing is set the game to Story difficulty. This method involves catching many animals, and by putting it on this difficulty they are captured automatically, without the need to play the minigame. Otherwise, the animals will run away if we are entertained with the minigame, and the cheat will have no effect.

On the other hand, you will have to Change the time many times. If you don’t know, here we explain how to change the time.

Travel to the Mooncalfs lair northwest of the castle. Be sure to go at nightsince they only come out at night.

For catch them in the best way, we approach from the West (advancing looking towards the tree around which the Mooncalfs surround themselves). In this way, animals have it more difficult to escape. Furthermore, if we walk slowlythey are less likely to run away.

When we catch as many as we can, and there are no more, we move away again (so we can get closer looking towards the tree), we change the time so that it becomes day, and we change the time again so that it returns to night.

The Mooncalfs will be back, so we can recapture them. When we have a full inventory (or when we want), we go to the Hogsmeade store “Fur and Feathers“and we sell them: we can earn up to 2,000 gold in just five minutes of farming.

This method is easy, it doesn’t require “breaking the game” or anything like that, and it might be a bit tedious, but it is the best site to farm many animal resources which you can then sell, since they always respawn in the same place, the lair. Otherwise, we would spend a lot of time looking for them.

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